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Hear from our team of DevOps, Cloud and Agile experts as they share their stories of helping enterprise organisations build high performing IT capabilities. These papers are aimed at anyone who wants to unlock revenue through high performing IT capabilities. You can find out more about how we enable IT transformation at the speed of disruption here.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper

Cloud Migration

If you’re planning to embark on mass-migration to a cloud-based platform, you need to read this paper.

Simply replicating existing assets and applications in the new environment isn’t going to deliver great results. You need to look objectively at the way the infrastructure is recreated. Evidence shows a clear predictive link between cloud migration strategies and organisational growth, profitability and market share.

So, before you go all-in, take a moment to reflect. Look beyond the technology and move to the cloud in a way that suits your organisation’s unique circumstances.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper

The Hidden Cost of Outsourcing

According to the 2018 Accelerate: State of DevOps report, outsourcing could be stifling organisational performance.

In this white paper, we explore the problems with functional outsourcing and different ways you can overcome them. We consider alternative models, shifting the focus to culture and workforce modernisation. And we speak about how BAE Systems has been able to accelerate performance by transitioning from outsourcing to cross-functional multi-sourcing.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper

Onwards and Upwards

High performance IT in rapidly scaling business.

In this white paper, we explain how leadership is paramount in scaling a business. As a business leader, you must build the right team whilst aligning, optimising and investing in the systems that underpin sustainable growth. Mistakes are to be expected, but you can minimise the blast radius by taking a “fail fast, fail safe” DevOps mindset.

To help facilitate informed decision making, we explore critical considerations for CTOs in a scaling business. These include the move from start-up to scale-up and critical factors to optimise sustainable growth, such as culture, repaying technical debt, operations and agility.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper

Digital Transformation - A Roadmap for CxO's

This whitepaper is aimed at CxOs of large enterprises and public sector organisations and explains how DevOps is key to the success of any Digital Transformation initiative. Beginning with an examination of the market pressures forcing organisations to digitally transform themselves, the paper explains and demonstrates the value that can be unlocked by and alignment between DevOps and Digital Transformation.

It then provides an analysis of the problems organisations are experiencing implementing and scaling these initiatives and an appropriate roadmap is offered to overcome these, including how CxO’s should start this journey, what models are available and their benefits.