DevOps Simulation

Engage, enable and empower teams by translating DevOps theory into real-world practice.

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Cultural challenges

Many DevOps initiatives fail to reach their full potential because of cultural factors:

  • Lack of understanding
  • Accountability issues
  • Poor communication
  • Siloed implementation

Yet when DevOps is fully embraced, it accelerates business transformation and delivers major competitive advantage. So it’s worth persevering and helping your people engage with this powerful way of working.

How do I achieve buy-in and get the team DevOps-ready?

How do we ensure DevOps delivers tangible commercial benefits?


An engaging, valuable and well-orchestrated session. The simulation enabled us to establish exactly what was holding the team back and how to turn this around. Back in the office, we’re working more cohesively and achieving goals faster.

Simulate for success

Our DevOps Simulation from G2G3 educates teams about DevOps in a compelling way through fun, hands-on sessions.

Delegates quickly buy-in to the approach as they learn to identify gaps in delivery approaches and gain a better understanding of the benefits DevOps can bring. They walk away with practical skills and ideas to improve efficiency and workflow.

Designed for up to 25 participants, sessions focus on:

  • Building a ‘one-team’ culture
  • Empathising with the wider organisation
  • Understanding dependencies and handoffs between teams
  • Developing a common, shared language for DevOps
  • Making work and workflow visible
  • Systems thinking – understanding the system as a whole

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How it works

Delegates are separated into teams representing core roles and organisational areas: business, developers, product owners, infrastructure operations, scrum masters, testers and service desk. They take on a different role to their day job to help broaden their horizons.

During three distinct simulations, teams deliver new applications/services and operate existing ones. After each round, they’re scored on:

  • Ability to deliver business impact
  • Ability to ship better software
  • Time to market
  • Customer satisfaction

The workshop lasts a full day and wraps up by summarising actions for delegates to deploy in the workplace. They leave feeling energised and ready to implement DevOps ways of working that quickly deliver material benefits.

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