Continuous Delivery Pipeline Review

Identify and eliminate constraints to optimise your software delivery with our continuous delivery Pipeline Review

Streamlining the pipeline

It’s frustrating when you know what’s holding you back, but don’t have the time or resources to sort it out. You want to fully embrace continuous delivery and speed-up the development cycle. But technical debt and under-investment put a stranglehold on the CI/CD pipeline.  Our continuous delivery Pipeline Review has been designed to help organisations overcome the common challenges we see.

  • What issues are slowing down deployment and impacting reliability?
  • How can we reduce operational risk and unleash the value of CI/CD?

Our Pipeline Review is a one-day consultancy engagement aimed to help development teams unlock the potential of their CI/CD pipelines.  Focusing on your current pain points we work with your team to identify how to alleviate your biggest constraint.


Find our how DevOpsGroup helped Vodafone accelerate development times and efficiency with a new automated CI/CD pipeline

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A collaborative approach to stamp out constraints

Continuous Delivery Reviews interrogate constraints and identify steps to remove them. Our recommendations are rooted in hands-on experience designing, building and operating CI/CD pipelines. The goal is to cultivate efficiency, scalability and operability.

  • Focus on constraints in specific stages of the pipeline.
  • Streamline release orchestration with a targeted backlog of work.

Our skilled consultants identify constraints and operational risks in your CI/CD Pipeline.  They then work with your teams to determine the best options to overcome complex pipeline challenges and leave you with a clear way forward.  Where quick wins are identified they are often implemented there-and-then ensuring you an immediate return on your investment!  If you need additional support to implement suggested changes, we also offer a range of Pipeline Engineering Services.

How does it work?


A 60-minute inception call ascertains the tech-stack, constraints and pipeline stages. Onsite workshops and interviews elicit deeper details.


Next, our consultants collaborate with you to devise a work backlog with items prioritised to remove constraints and improve operability.


If you lack the capacity or capability to apply the recommended changes, our CI/CD engineers can support the implementation.

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