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Cloud Modernisation

Evolve existing applications and other workloads to ensure they are geared up for optimum performance in the cloud.

DevOpsGroup team discussing migration plan

A pragmatic approach to cloud adoption

Simply being in the cloud won’t unlock the benefits of the cloud. Any workload undergoing migration needs operability and infrastructure improvements to reduce total cost of ownership, enhance security and improve organisational agility. This modernisation can happen during the migration itself or after a ‘lift and shift’. Either way, it requires specialist skills and a deep knowledge of the target environment.

We’ll prime your workloads for the cloud

Our AWS and Azure specialists are well-versed in cloud modernisation. They determine the best strategy to optimise performance and ROI for individual applications or any other workload, setting priorities based on your budget and needs. Proven DevOps methods such as pipelines and platforms are used to achieve goals ranging from cost reduction to improved agility. Whatever you want to achieve, our engineers will unpick the most complex challenges and set you up for success.

Containers linking into cloud


Improve operability without a full rebuild. Our engineers are highly skilled at containerising workloads for effective deployment on AWS and Azure. We work with cloud providers’ own container technologies or open-source solutions to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Continuous Delivery pipelines

Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Applying the DevOps principle of automation to infrastructure engineering takes reliability, efficiency and security to a higher level. CD pipelines offer a fast-track to modern ways of working that make the most of cloud’s ability to enhance quality and productivity.

Continuous Delivery Pipelines
TFS to Azure Migration

TFS to Azure Migration

Moving from TFS to Azure is complex and risky. To enable frictionless migration, our engineers first examine TFS source control, templates and customisations. Then they move the right code in the correct format with any necessary customisations applied in the Azure environment.

TFS to Azure migration

"DevOpsGroup showed how quickly we can unlock added value from AWS if we work proactively to modernise applications during cloud migration."

Paul Holden, VP Operations, BrightTALK

What our ‘migrate and modernise’ services deliver

Our engineers combine the latest DevOps thinking with Agile principles and practical expertise to improve legacy workloads for superior performance in the cloud.

  • Expert insights.
  • Technical enhancements.
  • Better migration outcomes.
  • AWS and Azure best practice.
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DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - Expert insights

Expert insights

DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - Technical enhancements

Technical enhancements

DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - Better migration outcomes

Better migration outcomes

DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - AWS and Azure best practice

AWS and Azure best practice

Leverage cloud capabilities while reducing risk

DevOpsGroup Improve cost management Icon
Improve cost management

Modernisation helps avoid problems that increase cloud costs, such as overprovisioning. It’s also an opportunity to use tagging for better visibility.

DevOpsGroup Boost productivity Icon
Boost productivity

Applying automation to infrastructure engineering enables systems to scale on-demand and gives teams more capacity for meaningful work.

DevOpsGroup Enhance security Icon
Enhance security

Evolving workloads destined for the cloud presents opportunities for alignment with security best practice outlined in Well-Architected Frameworks.

DevOpsGroup Address technical debt Icon
Address technical debt

General performance issues can be exacerbated in the cloud. Modernising workloads during or soon after migration mitigates this risk.

Why choose DevOpsGroup?

From containers to platforms to pipelines, our engineers have the specialist capabilities to evolve your workloads for better performance in the cloud.

  • Advanced technical skills
  • Extensive experience
  • Deep knowledge of AWS and Azure
  • DevOps and Agile ways of working
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DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - Advanced technical skills

Advanced technical skills

DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - Extensive experience

Extensive experience

DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - Deep knowledge of AWS and Azure

Deep knowledge of AWS and Azure

DevOpsGroup Cloud Modernisation deliverable - DevOps and Agile ways of working

DevOps and Agile ways of working

Cloud modernisation slashes costs by 70%

The migrate and modernise approach we devised for Efficio involved scalability on-demand which unlocked better value from AWS.

Read how we helped Efficio

How do we do it?

All our engineers are expert DevOps and Agile practitioners. They specialise in either AWS or Azure and work proactively to stay at the forefront of current best practice for their chosen provider.

DevOpsGroup team leading a session

Frequently Asked Questions

That will depend on your circumstances and timescales. But you definitely need to modernise as quickly as possible to avoid problems in the cloud and leverage benefits.

Check out our containers tutorial.

When cloud and DevOps are used together, positive outcomes can be achieved more quickly. Our whitepaper Move to the cloud and modernise workloads looks at this in more detail.

We’re an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with Migration and DevOps Competencies and our Microsoft Gold Partner status covers DevOps and Cloud Platforms.

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Containers improve portability, ensuring software runs reliably when it’s moved from one computing environment to another.

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Migrate and Modernise

Accelerate your Migration and Modernisation Journey with AWS and DevOpsGroup

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration Datasheet

Let DevOpsGroup upgrade TFS quickly, safely and skilfully, releasing your engineers to focus on customer value delivery.

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If you want to de-risk the migration process, have better control of cloud costs and achieve benefits such as organisational agility sooner, workload modernisation is the way forward. Let’s talk!