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Cloud Migration is a complex challenge facing every IT organisation. DevOpsGroup's cloud migration services bring a DevOps approach to cloud migration that reduces TCO and establishes a solid foundation for your cloud migration.

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Cloud Migration Strategies

DevOpsGroup Cloud migration approaches
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What is your cloud migration pathway?

In our experience there are really 3 main pathways to moving your applications to the cloud- Lift&Shift, Evolve and “Go Native”. Each has its pros & cons, depending on factors like how fast you want to migrate, whether you’re ready to adopt a DevOps model as part of your cloud migration or amount of technical debt that exists in your current application architectures.

Whichever path you decide to take, DevOpsGroup can provide expert AWS & Azure cloud migration services to accelerate your cloud adoption strategy.

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Pathway #1 - the Lift&Shift Superhighway


  • Easier to get started with automated migration tools.
  • Fast migration by moving VM-machine images into a cloud environment.
  • DevOps approaches to building out the “cloud landing zone” can help reduce TCO and improve future manageability, even if you lift&shift the applications.


  • “Garbage in, garbage out” – you are just moving existing problems from on-premise to the Cloud.
  • You aren’t taking advantage of more advanced cloud services like PaaS and SaaS to lower costs, improve security and increase availability.
  • High TCO because you haven’t optimised your cloud images OR your cloud operations strategy for efficient cloud operations.
  • Often you aren’t streamlining your application portfolio to reduce duplication and waste.
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Pathway #2 - Evolve with DevOps


  • Modernise your application portfolio, and your cloud operations strategy, on an application-by-application basis
  • Leverage cloud vendor hosting services to improve high availability, redundancy, security, monitoring etc
  • Leveraging DevOps technologies like infrastructure-as-code, configuration-as-code and containers to lower TCO and operational overheads
  • An application portfolio assessment will identify outdated, unsupported and duplicated applications. On average, 30% of application are never migrated and are decommissioned instead, saving you time, effort and money.


  •  Slower than lift&shift so perhaps not suitable if you have extreme time pressure e.g. a datacenter exit deadline
  •  Requires modern DevOps& Cloud skills which might require a trusted 3rd party partner like DevOpsGroup
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Pathway #3 - Go Cloud-Native


  • A cloud-native rewrite of key applications will almost certainly result in the lowest TCO as you can take advantage of new technologies, like serverless, and new application patterns, like microservices architectures
  • Phased approach is possible i.e. decompose an existing monolith over time into cloud-native services
  • Provide exciting new features to your customer by integrating new functionality e.g. cloud-vendor AI/ML platforms into your migrated or brand new applications.
  • Unlocks new business models and revenue streams e.g. by offering SaaS services.


  • Any application development project is inherently risky – 8% of Agile and 21% of Waterfall projects fail completely and ~50% are challenged on one of schedule, cost or scope
  • Key 3rd party COTS software dependencies might require integration of IaaS services into your cloud native strategy, which can be complex depending on the vendor
  • Good cloud-native software development implies adopting related practices, like CI/CD, TDD etc. Not every Dev&Ops team has the right skills and hence expert support (like from the DevOpsGroup) can help.


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Find out how DevOpsGroup helped accelerate Skyscanner’s cloud migration journey and saved £5M+ in hardware refresh costs by exiting their 5 global datacentres on time.

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DevOpsGroup is a trusted partner of the worlds’s largest cloud vendors – AWS and Microsoft Azure – to provide cloud migration services.

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and one of only 8 in the UK who hold the DevOps Competency, and we also hold the AWS Well-Architected competency.

With Microsoft we hold Gold competencies for Cloud, DevOps & Datacentre, as well as Silver for Data Analytics and Application Development. We also are a Deployment Planning Service (DPS)-enabled partner for both Azure and Developer Tools, so for customers who have EA agreements with “DPS days” agreements we can deliver these engagements for you.

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