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Research shows that CIO’s report that the #1 impediment to their cloud migration plans is the “Lack of resources/expertise” (Source: State of the Cloud Report 2019).

DevOpsGroup’s expert, vendor-certified, Cloud & DevOps engineers have the skills you need to unblock your cloud strategy and accelerate your cloud adoption. As trusted Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure partners we understand the end-to-end cloud migration journey.

DevOps is in our DNA so we use the latest DevOps automation & cloud technologies to build secure cloud environments and automated deployment pipelines to make your migration safe, secure and simple.

And since Sharing is a fundamental tenet of DevOps we’ll work closely with your in-house teams to transfer the skills & knowledge they need to ensure that your investment in cloud adoption meets the long-term needs of your business. We can even offer both foundational and technical training via our DevOpsGroup Academy.

Choose the right cloud migration pathway

Cloud migration is a complex undertaking but, if done right, can deliver huge benefits for your organisation. Moving to the cloud is also a great time to introduce DevOps practices into your teams to improve agility, innovation and reduce total-cost-of-ownership. Learn more about our cloud platform engineering services to build your cloud platform.

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DevOpsGroup has played a pivotal role in helping us rebuild our cloud infrastructure to respond to growing demand from customers and bring new applications to market at speed.

Michael Ashford - Chief Technology Officer of Wealthify

Cloud Migration Deliverables

Cloud migration needs are unique to each customer’s situation, their application needs and business drivers but we’ve found that most customers want:

  1. Expert guidance and hands-on engineering to make their cloud journey safe, secure and simple
  2. To build a secure cloud platform as the foundation for the future
  3. DevOps automation to improve agility, reduce TCO and accelerate time-to-market
  4. The option of cloud-native managed services to help ease their cloud transition
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DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Expert Advice

Expert Advice

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Secure Cloud Platform

Secure Cloud Platform

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Managed Service Options

Managed Service Options

Benefits of a Cloud Migration

DevOpsGroup Reduced TCO Icon
Reduced TCO

By dynamically matching your capacity to your demand you only pay for what you need, reducing your total-cost-of-ownership (TCO)

DevOpsGroup Business Agility & Innovation Icon
Business Agility & Innovation

By removing capacity constraints on development, test and production environments organisations can accelerate their Innovation strategy

DevOpsGroup Enhanced security Icon
Enhanced security

All major clouds meet, or exceed, a wide variety of security compliance frameworks and offer advanced security capabilities to customers.

DevOpsGroup Improved operability Icon
Improved operability

Out of the box cloud features like advanced monitoring, ops automation, data replication & encryption, etc can enhance your application operations.

Why choose DevOpsGroup as your cloud migration partner?

DevOpsGroup has a proven track record of large and small scale cloud migrations. Whether you need expert hands-on engineering from our great team, or a full end-to-end migration service from initial migration readiness assessments to cloud discovery & design through to a fully completed migration, we can help.

As a trusted AWS & Microsoft partner we can unlock partner funding options that can help accelerate your business case for cloud adoption.

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DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Great Team

Great Team

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Cloud & DevOps-native

Cloud & DevOps-native

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Trusted Cloud Partner

Trusted Cloud Partner

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration deliverable - Proven track record

Proven track record

Wealthify Case Study

Read how we delivered an end-to-end cloud migration for Welsh Fintech Wealthify, enabling them to meet a significant increase in customer demand.

Read the case study

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