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Take the effort out of operations, put energy into innovation.

Unplanned work is the killer of invention

New ideas are the lifeblood of a scaling business. But when you also have to ensure systems are performing reliably, product development can move down the priority list. On a day-to-day basis, the immediate urgency of issues that need to be fixed in real-time erodes the ability to innovate 

The heavy lifting of infrastructure maintenance is an ongoing burden that can threaten innovation and prevent adaptation to evolving customer needs. But 24×7 availability is essential. So, what’s to be done? 

Protecting developers from unplanned work is critical to avoid innovation deadlock. Traditional functional outsourcing models aren’t suited to cloud-native, agile development teams. But an engineering partner that understands modern ways of working will help you accelerate progress.  


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Site Reliability Engineering

‘You build it, you run it, is often viewed as a central tenet of DevOps. But the model isn’t right for every organisation.

As you scale to multiple delivery teams, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) offers an alternative model for maintaining alignment between development and operations professionals. It’s a highly effective way to industrialise your DevOps mindset and practicesDelivery teams aren’t absolved from their responsibility to care about operability, and they retain accountability for customer experiences. But you have the assurance of operations experts handling this important aspect of IT and protecting delivery teams from unplanned work. 

At DevOpsGroup, we can help you introduce SRE into your operating model and our operate services incorporate proven SRE practices such as: 

  • Error budgets 
  • Service level objectives 
  • Ongoing focus on eliminating toil 
  • Enforced balance between continual improvement and reactive support work 
  • Release engineering 

Platform Support

It’s all too easy for a technical issue to turn into a major event if it isn’t dealt with quickly and efficiently.  

This problem is especially pronounced in scaling businesses. With so much technology now instantly available it’s impossible to be an expert in everything, and often teams don’t have the necessary expertise to resolve operational issues quickly.  

Focused platform support provides an effective solution. When you need expertise that you don’t hold in-house, or just need backup for a major incident, we have engineers on-hand that can help. 

At DevOpsGroup, we offer tailored platform support to suit your needs, from business hours only to 24×7, with a fair use model that acknowledges the unpredictability of managing incidents 

Platform Operations

The millstone of operational toil and unplanned work prevents many scaling businesses from achieving their full potential. It’s a major problem that stands in the way of innovation, and slows down progress. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Enlisting a partner to handle the heavy lifting of operational maintenance and unplanned work releases your developers to focus on what they do best.  

At DevOpsGroup, we have a strong track record of working collaboratively and cohesively with development teams in growing businesses. Our engineers are experienced DevOps practitioners, so they know how to align their services with developer-built applications. With us taking care of the operational side of things, our clients are free to continue pushing boundaries with exciting new product features to enhance customer experiences.  

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