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Accelerating growth with Cloud and DevOps

Can Cloud and DevOps adoption accelerate growth?

The transition from start-up to scale-up is exciting but challenging. Getting it right will propel your business into an entirely new realm. But how do you manage risk while retaining agility? Or maintain your unique culture while formalising standards and procedures? Unless these seemingly opposing forces are reconciled, you’ll quickly find that growth plateaus. Worse still, serious vulnerabilities could bring about the downfall of your business.

Scale-ups face immense pressure to accelerate growth, especially when external investors are involved. But if the foundations are rocky, it will never be sustainable in the long term. Cultural and leadership issues need to be managed strategically and proactively. Technical debt should be identified, and a plan put in place to repay it. Operability has to be elevated to the same status as development. And alongside this, systems need to be improved to facilitate lean and agile working practices. Unless these critical areas are addressed, there’s a real risk that growth will peak too soon, and the business will plateau.

This is where leadership skills are put to the test. It’s about building the right team, as well as aligning, optimising and investing in the systems that underpin sustainable growth. Mistakes are inevitable. But you can minimise the blast radius by promoting a ‘fail fast, fail safe’ DevOps mindset across the organisation. This paper faciliates informed decision making by exploring critical considerations for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in a scaling business, when accelerating growth with Cloud and DevOps.


Can Cloud and DevOps adoption accelerate growth?

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