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The challenge of the digital economy

In a world where seven of the ten most valuable companies are digital, many traditional businesses are struggling to keep pace with change. But the digital economy is here to stay, and modernisation is key to survival.

IT has a central role to play. However, in many organisations it’s failing to meet the escalating demands of the business. The failure rates of high-profile initiatives are testament to this. Lead times to release new services via digital channels are far too long. And there’s been a dramatic rise in shadow IT and outsourcing of core digital capabilities.

All of this points towards fundamental issues with the way traditional businesses operate in the modern world.

Most IT departments are hindered by technical debt. They’re struggling to accelerate their capabilities with legacy technologies which simply weren’t designed for a world of high automation and hyper-scale cloud. So, a high proportion of IT budgets continue to be spent on ‘Business-As-Usual’ (BAU) activities instead of strategic innovation, and staff morale continues to suffer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. DevOpsGroup has a strong track record enabling traditional enterprises to succeed in the modern technology landscape. And we can help you adopt DevOps ways of working so you can do the same.

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