In the age of digital disruption, businesses are fundamentally measured by the speed at which they deliver new products and services, how they innovate and the reliability of their operations.

Every industry will see one-third of its top 20 companies seriously disrupted. To remain competitive, businesses are putting Digital Transformation strategies in place. However, Digital Transformation at enterprise level can only be achieved when it is underpinned by a solid platform to deliver and support applications, services and technologies. DevOps is widely seen as the answer to this problem, but implementing DevOps represents a challenge for many businesses because they do not always have the process, technology or culture to facilitate significant IT change.

DevOpsGroup Transformation Services

DevOpsGroup helps organisations to digitally transform by adopting DevOps principles, practices and methodologies across software development and operational teams. We offer a range of DevOps Transform services, from initial assessment and strategy setting to a bespoke programme of Transformation workshops.

Our approach helps clients to create and execute a tailored plan for facilitating organisational change focussing on the practical details that are essential for a successful DevOps Transformation.

We begin by performing a readiness assessment where we understand more about the specific objectives, the main challenges and the culture of the organisation via a series of workshops. We then use this gathered information to create a documented strategy, which feeds into the design of a structured DevOps Transformation programme. This programme is then delivered via coaching and training workshops to individual teams throughout the organisation.

All DevOpsGroup Transform services are delivered by our highly experienced consultants who impart the practical real-world knowledge that we have gained while working with modern forward-thinking organisations.


DevOpsGroup Transform services will provide the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Achieve Digital Transformation by implementing a solid DevOps strategy.
  • Establish a baseline following a Transformation readiness assessment.
  • Create a documented DevOps Transformation strategy.
  • Design a structured DevOps Transformation programme.
  • Implement a DevOps culture to empower staff to succeed.

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