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DevOpsGroup Blog An insight into our blog archives

An insight into our blog archives

In 2013, our co-founders James and Steve began collaborating on a blog called DevOpsGuys.

This was a great success and gained a rapidly increasing following, with readers asking for genuine guidance and solutions. Soon, James and Steve were established as thought leaders in an exciting and emerging field.

A year later, they turned DevOpsGuys into a company operating in Cardiff. Over the past few years, the blog has evolved into a platform where our opinionated consultants and employees can share their voice.

The DOG blog functions as a valuable source of information for our team, clients and partners. Whether it’s responding to a client query, getting to know our processes better or gaining an insight into our colleagues’ day, you can find so much information about what we do and what we’re all about here. For more insight, we recently asked our team members to list their favourite blog pieces.

James Reed

James has had a variety of technical roles in his career including, Mainframe Sysadmin, .net Developer, Build Master and Environment Manager. He was one of the earliest members of DevOpsGuys and plays a pivotal role in our client engagements imparting a wealth of expertise, helping to drive forward digital transformation.

What does the C in CALMS really mean?

“This blog is great, it talks about culture and how we communicate and work with each other. It also shows that culture isn’t ephemeral and that it’s not a buzzword used to describe the type of culture they have a Google, Amazon or Netflix. Which ignores the significant cultural differences between those three organisations.”

Read the blog here

Chris Taylor

Chris currently works as a consultant at DevOpsGuys. Chris’s career took him to DevOps 4 years ago, working as part of a team to deliver positive change through the power of automation, and continuous delivery pipelines. He now uses that knowledge and experience to work with clients all over the UK on their DevOps transformations. Using his passion for delivering value to customers through eliminating waste, he promotes best practices and a Lean mindset to everything he does.

Top 7 Business Benefits of Establishing DevOps Within Your Organisation

“Questions are still being asked about why DevOps? How do businesses benefit? This blog breaks down 7 of the best benefits to a business, and one I often refer to when talking to Clients about what they stand to gain from adopting DevOps principles and practices.”

Read the blog here

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan is an experienced Systems Administrator who has worked with Linux for almost 20 years, having helped companies operate at scale efficiently. He has worked at DevOps since 2010, fully embracing automation and close cross-functional collaboration with multiple disciplines, as well as stakeholders at many levels. Since joining DevOpsGuys he has helped engineer solutions for companies looking to develop their own DevOps solutions or explore PoC/MVP solutions to new and existing projects. More recently he has worked with enterprises and startups to analyse their people, processes, and practices, to help them develop their capabilities around Agile and DevOps, as well as design and develop technical architectures, specialising in AWS-based solutions, whether they are looking to migrate to the Cloud, or are already there.

Slay the Monolith & Software has eaten the world

“A great pair of blogs from Edward Pearson about how DevOps, and software in general, is changing the way we see and interact with the world, and the companies within it.”

Read the blogs here and here

Andrew Thomas

Andrew is a DevOps consultant working with one of our key clients, playing a pivotal role in their successful digital transformation. He has a blend of experience in academic and commercial roles and a very strong system administration background. This, coupled with his previous experience of managing a large, diverse staff base gives him a unique skill set which is highly commercial, operationally strong, financially aware and commercially astute.

DevOps, Antifragility and the Borg Collective

“This blog covers a lot of questions that ops teams have early on, so it’s proved really useful!”

Read the blog here

Kate Martin

Kate is a Delivery Manager and has a background in Project Management and Fibre Network engineering in the defence and waste water sector. Kate is one of four fire marshals for Capital Tower and she also takes leads in maintaining the ISO27001 certificate.

The Flex-factor and How to Achieve it

“This literally sums up the values that we have here – it is all about the people. We have great people and add that with trust and the freedom of flexible working it produces great things!!!”

Read the blog here

Will White

Will is originally from a spatial data analysis and mapping background but has since migrated into an Agile Delivery Management role.

He has worked for a Digital Transformation consulting organisation specialising in the public sector (Central Government and Scottish Government), a global Insurance company and also as a Scrum Master scaling Scrum within a large international software development house.

Since joining DevOpsGuys Will has been working an Agile Delivery Manager within the CloudOps team for one of our key clients.

5 DevOps Cultural Challenges Infographic

“I’m a sucker for anything that is explained in a compelling and visual way and I love the graphics we do here at DOG. I really enjoyed the ‘5 DevOps Cultural Challenges Infographic’ not only because of the way it looks but also this post explains clearly that DevOps is about much more than just automation and the importance of culture.”

Read the blog here

Martin Spicer

Martin is a Delivery Manager with one of our key clients, he is enthused by application of DevOps and lean principles in modern, high performing iT organisations. Before joining DOG Martin managed proof of concepts and MVP’s for a large US based advanced advertising ad-tech based startup.

DORA announce Accelerate State of DevOps 2018

“I enjoyed reading this blog post from DevOps Product Manager Ed Pearson because ‘State of DevOps 2018’ is an important baseline report for our industry giving a fantastic insight into how high performing IT teams and organisations are behaving, and how their culture feeds into their success.”

Read the blog here

Edward Pearson

Ed has spent over 15 years working to deliver high profile IT and software projects across a range of industry verticals. During this time he has held a wide range of roles, starting out as a developer before transitioning to project and later product management.

Since joining DevOpsGuys in 2016 Ed has held key roles including that of principle delivery manager for a large DevOps transformation.  In 2018 he took over as the DevOps Product Manager within the company.

Five DevOps Cultural Challenges Infographic

“We still face these challenges on a day to day basis and it’s really handy to be reminded of these challenges before speaking to clients, a good reference point.”

Read the blog here

Jo Pontin

Jo Pontin Marketing Manager, has been at DevOpsGuys for over two years, promoting the great work and services that the company has to offer. During her career she has held a wide range of roles in various industries from Manufacturing to Tech, starting in PR and moving through sales, planning and now Marketing.

The Culture of the Phone

“For me, this blog give a great example of a very real problem we are experiencing today and one that is often overlooked. In today’s society of high speed and connectivity, we have focused on enhancing our tech communication tools and not our human communication tools and de-valued the impact good personal communication can have on our lives.”

Read the blog here

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