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DevOpsGroup Blog 5 DevOps Cultural Challenges Infographic

5 DevOps Cultural Challenges Infographic

When it comes to digital transformation, it is often said that people and culture determine its success- not technology.

So what impact does the rapidly changing digital environment have on an organisations culture and what are the challenges?

Culture has always been a hot topic for us at DevOpsGuys which is why we have created this infographic that highlights the top 5 cultural challenges when it comes to digital transformation. This is not an exhaustive list and some challenges listed may be more prevalent within your industry than others.

For organisational success, it is vital that methods are put in place to avoid becoming overwhelmed by digital changes, or being stuck in the past with a culture that can’t move at the same rapid speed. If you are looking to further understand culture in a digital environment and how utilising DevOps can provide the perfect digital culture cocktail, get in touch here.

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