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DevOpsGroup Blog What is a DevOps Pipeline Assessment?

What is a DevOps Pipeline Assessment?

Our approach for new technical client engagements is to initially perform a Pipeline Assessment. This is a short phase in which we understand technological challenges, explore automation related constraints and establish the needs of the software delivery pipeline(s).

During the Pipeline Assessment we run onsite workshops over three consecutive days with a focus on the seven stages of your software delivery process. Within each of these stages, a combination of semi-structured interviews, checklists, data analysis and work observation are used to help uncover information about the technology challenges.

Each workshop is supported by a set of targeted questions. However, conversations are allowed to develop freely in order to learn more about the different aspects of IT as well as to uncover new challenges and points-of-view.

Who can benefit from a DevOps Pipeline Assessment?

Our established pipeline assessment is aimed at enterprises that require an in-depth analysis of their automation technology. Typically, customers for this service will have elements of automation in place but wish to have their technology choices ratified or new tooling introduced to create best-practice Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. The service is suitable for organisations that do not require evaluation of their processes or operating models at this stage of their DevOps journey.

The resulting report from the Pipeline Assessment imparts significant business value – it aligns the IT objectives of the initiative, provides transparency on existing capabilities, makes recommendations on appropriate tooling and clarifies the way forward to fully automate the software delivery process.

Here are some FAQ’s the team are often asked:

What additional work is required to meet your goals and what additional tooling is required?

We use the gathered information to make recommendations regarding the configuration of existing automation tools and suggest new tooling where appropriate. We will also highlight the required.

How do you plan to build the required CI/CD pipelines?

We produce a strategic plan that documents how to move from your current technical environment to one with fully-automated, best practice CI/CD pipelines in place.

What is the status of your current automated pipelines?

We formally assess all seven stages of your software delivery pipeline: Plan, Code, Integrate, Test, Release, Deploy and Operate, which is clearly shown in the below diagram:

What are the timescales?

Our plan incorporates a roadmap of automated tooling adoption that includes predicted timescales to help set realistic expectations.

What are the IT goals for your automated pipelines?

We help to define your desired deliverables for the CI/CD pipelines and ensure that these objectives are aligned amongst all of the relevant IT stakeholders.

If you are interested in learning more about how your organisation can benefit from a DevOps Pipeline Assessment, get in touch with a member of the team here or give us a call on: 0800 368 7378

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