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DevOpsGroup Blog DevOps & In-Sourcing guest blog on

DevOps & In-Sourcing guest blog on

We have just published a guest blog on DevOps and In-Sourcing over on the AppDynamics blog – “2016 – the year of Insourcing? #DevOps
The intro sets out the theme of the post:

A lot has been written recently about #DevOps and outsourcing. Some say it will kill outsourcing, others are not so sure. Our view at DevOpsGuys is that the truth is somewhere in the middle but that 2016 will definitely usher in a wave of strategic insourcing rooted in re-drawing the lines between what’s “inside” and “outside” the organisation.

Head over to AppD blog to read the rest and leave your thoughts and comments.

Do you agreed or disagree? How are you bridging the DevOps outsourcing/insourcing divide?

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