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DevOpsGroup Blog DevOps 101 for Recruiters

DevOps 101 for Recruiters

We put together this “DevOps Intro” to the recruitment team at a London recruitment consultancy to help them understand the DevOps Market place.

The goal was to help them understand both the WHY and the WHAT of DevOps and what that might mean for recruiters.

Hopefully you will find this interesting as well!

[slideshare id=30132726&sc=no]

One thought on “DevOps 101 for Recruiters

  1. Useful deck which does inform really well. On the White-Washing slide you capture the thing that really challenged me – how to articulate the role we want filled without being trite or appearing stupid. In the end we went with honest and said ‘we think this is what we want’ and ‘we think this might be you’…it still seems a difficult nut to crack. Thanks fore this though!

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