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DevOpsGroup Blog How one cloud engineer is bringing the PowerShell movement to Wales

How one cloud engineer is bringing the PowerShell movement to Wales

When he’s not busy working on ground-breaking tech projects for some of the UK’s leading enterprises, Senior CloudOps Engineer Mark Nash plays an active role in the thriving PowerShell community.

Mark, who uses the task automation and configuration management tool daily, has teamed up with the UK DevOps Collective to bring the popular PowerShell meetups to Wales. The inaugural event will take place at DevOpsGroup’s Cardiff HQ on January 16th.

With interactive talks from the organisers of PSDayUK and IT practitioners from DevOpsGroup, the meet-up will bring together PowerShell enthusiasts of all backgrounds. It’s all about learning, collaboration, and networking. Mark talks about the upcoming event and the PowerShell community.

Creating a thriving PowerShell community in Wales

Over the past few years, the UK DevOps Collective has established PowerShell communities and events across the UK – including the annual PSDayUK. A long supporter of these, Mark was motivated to bring this movement to Wales. 

“In October, I went to PSDayUK at Code Node and found it really interesting. The organisers mentioned that they didn’t have a Cardiff meetup, and with DevOpsGroup sponsoring the event, there was a clear opportunity for us to set one up and support the thriving PowerShell community in Wales,” he explains.

To get the event up and running, Mark has been working closely with the founders of the UK DevOps Collective. He says: “I’ve been collaborating with them to put together an agenda and list of topics for the inaugural event. They’ve not only been really friendly and helpful but are clearly passionate about what they do and growing the PowerShell community across the UK. It’s exciting to be a part of this.”

Supporting engineers

The meetup is aimed at educating and supporting IT professionals who use PowerShell and DevOps practices in Windows and Linux-based environments. Mark explains: “We want to provide a place where people can discuss the latest industry trends and raise awareness of the things they’re working on, but also encourage collaboration and innovation in the PowerShell world.”

Mark hopes that it’ll provide people with access to resources that they may not have come across and an opportunity to network with key industry influencers. “Sometimes, you just need a bit of support when using these products. It’s easy to hit a brick wall, and the internet might not have the answer when you’re searching. More than anything, the event will bring together like-minded individuals to share knowledge and learn from each other.”

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Although the agenda for the inaugural event is still in the works, Mark explains what delegates can expect. “We’ve got a couple of the founding organisers of PSDay UK lined up to attend and run some talks. I’m also hoping to get some engineers from DevOpsGroup speaking at the meetup. They’re incredibly knowledgeable in this area and working on some innovative projects.”

His vision is to turn into a movement in Wales and get as many people attending as possible. “I want to give engineers doing great things a platform and celebrate success in the industry. It’s all about promoting engineering excellence and collaboration,” says Mark.

The future of PowerShell

For anyone looking to get involved in the PowerShell community, Mark recommends asking all the burning questions and finding new ways to utilise the tool. “As Richard Siddaway said during PSDay 2018, PowerShell is in the hands of the community and everyone has the opportunity to shape it,” he advises.

“Even automating the small things helps to build your experience. I have bits of PowerShell that open a notepad window. When you’re in the PowerShell console, it becomes easier to perform actions. Start out small, and then go big.”

As a cloud engineer, Mark uses PowerShell extensively to streamline his daily workload. “The tool is definitely a massive help. I tend to have the console open whenever I’m at my PC, and I use it in multiple ways,” he says.

“For each client, I’ve got set folder directories on my machine and little commands that help me find the correct folder location. A lot of our clients are using Azure, so rather than just logging into it, I’ve got commands that take me to the right clients. PowerShell speeds things up across the board.”

Whether you’re a seasoned PowerShell user looking for new ways to use the tool, or are just starting out on your journey, PS Cardiff UK promises to be a knowledge-packed and interactive occasion. You can learn more about and sign up for the meetup here.

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