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DevOpsGroup Blog Another year of cloud success for DevOpsGroup clients

Another year of cloud success for DevOpsGroup clients

As 2021 draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the year’s highlights along with DevOpsGroup’s other Agile Delivery Managers. It’s been our pleasure to continue helping organisations get more from their cloud migration or adoption strategies. Here we look at a handful that have benefitted from our cloud platform engineering, continuous delivery and platform operations services.

Admiral: empowering developers

Leading insurance provider Admiral needed to shorten the release cycle of its data and analytics (DNA) programme. We joined forces with the in-house team to create CI/CD pipelines allowing deployments to be achieved in minutes rather than days.  

Over a 12-month period, we collaborated in the set-up and creation of CI environments and processes with security as a priority. Every stage of each pipeline was templated, to allow reuse of common building blocks in future application pipelines. We also set up Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipelines using Terraform to reduce the platform team overhead for environment changes. 

This faster, automated approach means Admiral’s DNA developers can now focus on adding value rather than repetitive, manual build and deployment.

“The DevOpsGroup team demonstrated an impressive set of skills and deep understanding of Azure and Google Cloud.”

Tom Greenwood, Head of Analytics Technology, Admiral

Read the full case study here.

BrightTALK: unlocking cloud value fast  

Webinar specialist BrightTALK was established in 2002, well before the cloud computing revolution. When the business migrated to AWS, we worked with the team to show how they could leverage the advantages of cloud more quickly. 

We conducted a pilot to showcase the benefits of modernising existing assets during migration. The work involved three phases:

  1. Inception, Migration Readiness Assessment and discovery sessions
  2. Modernising and containerising a legacy asset
  3. Establishing an AWS landing zone to receive the containers.

By proving the ‘migrate and modernise’ concept, we gave BrightTALK the confidence to undertake largescale migration.

“DevOpsGroup showed how quickly we can unlock added value from AWS if we work proactively to modernise applications during cloud migration. They have set us on a path for successful cloud adoption that drives tangible business benefits.”

Paul Holden, VP Operations, BrightTALK

Read the full case study here.

Closed Loop Medicine: maximising security and reliability

Healthcare technology company Closed Loop Medicine needed cast-iron security and reliability for an AWS application underpinning a clinical trial. As operations partner, we set up advanced monitoring to instantly trigger remedial action if performance problems arose.

Our work greatly enhanced the team’s confidence in the platform’s resilience, reliability and security. User-friendly dashboards meant they could see how the infrastructure was performing at a glance, and alerts were generated if anything wasn’t working as it should.

“We needed to be absolutely certain that if any performance issues arose during the clinical trial, we would have the capacity and capability to resolve them fast. DevOpsGroup gave us the confidence we needed.”

Andrej Klas, DevOps Engineer, Closed Loop Medicine

Read the full case study here.

Creditsafe: blueprinting for security and governance

An acceleration to AWS was on the cards for Creditsafe, which provides real-time data on credit scores, financial performance and company ownership. As a global player in the heavily regulated financial services sector, governance was high on the agenda too. We implemented advanced, compliant single sign-on (SSO) user authentication across the international workforce. Then we helped lay foundations for a secure cloud infrastructure with a series of AWS environment blueprints.

“We needed a cloud partner that fully understood the rigour of financial services regulations and the best way to ensure compliance. DevOpsGroup helped us achieve this consistently across all our locations using in-depth knowledge of AWS and best practice principles.”

Brian McGeough, Director of Production, Creditsafe

Read the full case study here.

Motonovo: embedding operational maturity

Motor finance specialist Motonovo chose DevOpsGroup to handle the build, launch and ongoing operations for a digital product hosted on AWS.

We built the new platform on a serverless architecture, so it can scale quickly and easily without disruption as user numbers grow. During the build phase we also focused on long term operability to ensure ongoing management and maintenance would run smoothly as the platform scaled. Today, Motonovo focuses on customer value and competitive differentiation, while we keep things running effectively and efficiently in the background.

“We wanted a managed services partner that understood our business and felt like part of the team. That’s exactly what we have with DevOpsGroup.”

Phil Jones, Applications Development Manager, Motonovo

Read the full case study here.

Vitaccess: scaling-up a new app delivery method

Vitaccess provides biopharmaceutical companies with apps that enable them to connect with patients anywhere in real time. We empowered Vitaccess to do this faster by getting its new app delivery method ready for implementation at scale.

We rebuilt the architecture using AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate, a serverless compute engine for containers. The opensource tool Terraform was used to enable easy environment creation using IaC, setting Vitaccess up to benefit from simple, fast and consistent infrastructure provisioning as well as lower costs.

“Without DevOpsGroup it would have taken months of trial and error to get our new app delivery platform off the ground. We are so happy with the progress that’s been made. DevOpsGroup was professional and fun to work with – they really felt like part of the team, not a supplier.”

Wil Hepworth, Head of Product Delivery, Vitaccess

Read the full case study here.

At DevOpsGroup we make cloud adoption fast, secure and simple. If you’re looking to improve your cloud performance in 2022 we’d love to hear from you.

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