Greg Sharpe


Greg is an Associate Engineer and has come through the Intern and Graduate programme at DevOpsGroup.

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About Greg

Greg started at DevOpsGroup all the way back when the company had around 30 employees in 2016.

As an associate engineer, Greg works on helping clients solve technical problems by demonstrating the art of the possible. Greg has worked with some of DevOpsGroup’s biggest clients designing and implementing solutions on-premise and within the cloud. He has also worked on CI/CD implementations and recently some of the newer Kubernetes stack.

DevOpsGroup has been the start of Greg’s career and a really good one at that. Spending the industry year as an Intern at DOG, Greg’s aim was to always return after finishing University and begin his career in the right place.

Greg’s passionate about all things technology and solving problems. But even more about helping people be the best person they can be, through education and mentoring.

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More about Greg

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What is your favourite TV show?

Mmmmm, Breaking Bad? Handmaids Tale? Peaky Blinders is also up there.

What is the best thing about working at DevOpsGroup?

The support I’m offered by my follow colleagues on a daily basis, and the opportunity to offer the same to our clients.

What is the one quote you live by?

“Try everything twice, because the first time you might of had a bad batch” - Greg Sharpe

What song best describes your life?

C’est la vie - Stereophonics

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