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Many sectors depend on fixed and mobile telecoms networks in order to function in the digital economy. However, it is ironic that the industry which provides the backbone to digitization is itself a laggard when it comes to Digital Transformation. Instead of being at the heart of the digital revolution, many telecoms companies are on the outside looking in. However, competitive pressures are mounting for telecoms service providers, making Digital Transformation an increasingly urgent imperative.

Customers are now demanding an integrated omni-channel experience on desktop, on mobile, on telephone and in stores. Operators are also improving their services by digitising customer relations using Internet based sales channels, online customer care and improved social media presence.

An example of this is Vodafone which is undergoing an ambitious group-wide transformation to become a purely digital organisation. As part of this, DevOpsGroup has worked with Vodafone to create the system, process and toolset required to overhaul its retail planning system to ensure that its stores around the world always have sufficient stocks of handsets.


The Media sector has been much quicker to digitise and the business models for television, music, publishing and film industries have largely adapted to “on demand” services on any digital devices. Books, magazines, newspapers and other forms of publication have also reinvented themselves on mobiles and tablets. Many Media firms have had to refine their revenue plans away from subscription fees and into a “freemium” model where free services are combined with paid for premium services. However the situation is constantly evolving and Media companies now need to offer “multi-touch” media where text, video, audio, games, and other interaction types are blended together.

However, this required Digital Transformation for Telecoms, Media and Technology companies can only be achieved when it is underpinned by a solid platform to deliver and support these new applications, services and technologies. This is traditionally a major challenge for large TMT organisations because they do not have the process, technology or culture to facilitate significant IT change.

DevOpsGroup Experience

DevOpsGroup works in the TMT sector to assist large enterprises to digitally transform by adopting DevOps principles, practices and methodologies across software development and operational teams. This approach allows organisations to rapidly deliver new services to their clients and gain competitive advantage in their relative markets.

DevOpsGroup has implemented a model at Vodafone that has become the standard template that the company uses for accelerating the deployment of global applications within its portfolio.

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