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Enhance Agile and DevOps capabilities with certified training from real-world practitioners.

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To keep up with change in the digital economy, every business needs to exploit technology. Opportunities and threats are continually evolving, prompting many organisations to embrace Agile and DevOps ways of working.

But too much transformational activity is built on shaky foundations. Conflicting ideas about the fundamental principles of Agile and DevOps, coupled with insufficient practical skills, make it difficult to strike the all-important balance between stability and innovation.

  • Will certified training really make a difference in the workplace?
  • How can I make sure teams link theoretical learning to real-world applications?

Plugging the skills gap

It can be hard to find courses that are relevant to real-world challenges. Many are weighted towards DevOps and Agile theory, and they’re not delivered by people with hands-on experience.

Ideally, certification should be combined with practical learnings for deployment in the workplace. This is where DevOpsGroup Academy can help.

  • Foundation Certificate in DevOps
  • Foundation Certificate in Agile
  • DevOps Simulation
  • Git Fundamentals
  • PowerShell Fundamentals

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Practitioner-led training

Our certified training in Agile and DevOps practices is delivered by experienced practitioners.

They don’t just spout the theory. They also understand the realities, conflicts and complexities of the work environment.

Many clients want to address a specific skillset and accelerate progress. But deeper cultural issues can prevent cohesive and seamless ways of working. We bring this out into the open, where it can be properly addressed via collaborative workshops and simulations alongside structured classroom training.

It all adds up to a well-rounded, valuable training experience. Delegates leave us feeling energised, empowered and eager to apply their leanings.