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Cloud Platform Support

Expert engineering support for AWS & Azure - tackle technical issues before they escalate.

Expert cloud support, when you need it most

DevOpsGroup’s Cloud Platform Support service provides 24×7 on-call incident remediation assistance for customers running critical services in AWS or Azure. Our team of UK-based certified-cloud engineers will help your teams resolve incidents faster, reducing mean-time-to-recover (MTTR), improving system availability and ensuring your customers’ satisfaction.

Learn more about how to overcome the top three cloud management issues.

Our Cloud Platform Support

DevOpsGroup provides flexible, Cloud engineering expertise to organisations to ensure the uptime and availability of mission-critical applications.

We help customers who may not have key cloud skills in-house mitigate their operational risks and ensure they keep meeting their SLAs.

When an incident arises that can’t be dealt with by in-house, it’s passed on to our team before it escalates. Our team of certified cloud engineers will resolve incidents faster, reducing mean-time-to-recover (MTTR), improving system availability and ensuring you have happy customers.

Opting for Platform Support rather than our full Platform Operations service means you pay for exactly what you need. Download our datasheet comparing the two services.

“DevOpsGroup offer a flexible service which allows us to call on their expertise when we need it while we focus on our customers.”

Martin Spicer – Chief Product Officer, Delio Ltd

Benefits of our Platform Support service

DevOpsGroup Faster time to resolve issues Icon
Faster time to resolve issues

Troubleshoot critical production issues faster with support from Cloud Experts.

DevOpsGroup Focus on continuous improvement Icon
Focus on continuous improvement

Access to expert advice and guidance on how to improve your Cloud Platform.

DevOpsGroup Specialist-skills available on-demand Icon
Specialist-skills available on-demand

Cost-effective access to specialist skills when you need them.

DevOpsGroup Scalable and flexible service Icon
Scalable and flexible service

Options to scale up support level when you need it to cater for business peaks or increased demand.

Why DevOpsGroup?

DevOpsGroup provides next-generation operations services to manage the performance and availability of your critical applications running in Microsoft Azure and AWS. We want to give you the freedom to innovate, with the knowledge and reassurance that your platforms are well maintained and that your customers and users will have a great experience. We use DevOps working practices and automation tooling to deliver next-generation operations services that are perfectly aligned for developer-built applications.

By working with DevOpsGroup as an Operations Partner, you can focus on creating meaningful competitive advantage for your business.

Download our datasheet for more information.

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DevOpsGroup Cloud Platform Support deliverable - AWS and Azure accredited engineers

AWS and Azure accredited engineers

DevOpsGroup Cloud Platform Support deliverable - 24x7 Support

24x7 Support

DevOpsGroup Cloud Platform Support deliverable - Access to the full cloud-vendor feature set

Access to the full cloud-vendor feature set

DevOpsGroup Cloud Platform Support deliverable - Cost effective

Cost effective

Preqin Case Study

Find out how DevOpsGroup identified and addressed the performance bottleneck in Preqin's application platform that was degrading performance and impacting users.

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Tailored to suit your needs

At DevOpsGroup, we offer tailored platform support to suit your needs, from business hours only to 24×7, on a fair usage ‘pool of hours’ basis.  As well as resolving incidents, our team will provide support and guidance ahead of a change to minimise the likelihood of issues arising.

If you’re looking to boost operational maturity, our full, application-centric cloud managed service, Platform Operations, will help.

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOpsGroup has a formal onboarding process for new clients. We perform onsite Discovery sessions, study existing documentation and co-complete an onboarding questionnaire and operational readiness process with the client. Our team will therefore already have most of this information regarding the platform and can seamlessly manage the transition to the support service.

Alerts from our monitoring tools are managed by PagerDuty to create incident tickets in Jira. We then follow our incident management process to manage the resolution of the incident.

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tied to incident response time and based on incident priority.

P1 (Blocker)

Total or partial failure of a client solution, site or service where client’s business is impacted and there is no immediate work-around available.

  • Response time goal: 30 minutes
  • Hours of operation: 24×7
  • Target resolution time: 2 hours

P2 (Critical)

Partial loss of service or functionality with no immediate critical business impact. Or loss of resiliency or partial loss of service with little or no business impact.

  • Response time goal: 2 hours
  • Hours of operation: Business Hours
  • Target resolution time: 8 Business Hours

P3 (Major)

Workaround may be available. Has moderate adverse impact to a small or moderate number of users or sites.

  • Response time goal: 24 hours
  • Hours of operation: Business Hours
  • Target resolution time: 3 Business Days

Resolution time is a target and actual resolution time will depend on many factors.

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