Managed Cloud Services

Maximise cloud platform uptime with expert support from certified AWS and Azure Cloud experts.

Achieving speed and stability

Delivering software innovation at pace without compromising system stability is the holy grail of modern operations.

However, managing cloud platforms is not the same as managing the traditional data centre.  It requires new patterns and practices, new tools and new ways-of-working in order to maximise your return on your cloud investment.  However, many organisations struggle to develop the skills they need to effectively manage their cloud-hosted applications, particularly in the face of the challenges of existing day-to-day Operations.

  • Emerging incidents aka “Firefighting” monopolise time and energy
  • Ongoing maintenance demands constant manual intervention
  • Teams lack the bandwidth to optimise and modernise applications
  • Teams don’t have time to acquire new cloud skills
  • Existing cloud environments expose organisations to security and other risks

DevOpsGroup provides two levels of operational support, Platform Support and Platform Operations, to give existing IT teams the expert support they need to manage their new cloud applications, or to offer a full end-to-end managed service if that better meets the organisation’s needs.

Platform Support

Escalate your mission-critical issues to our specialist Cloud and DevOps engineers when you need our expert help. We help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems but we also offer advice and guidance on best practice to reduce your risks, reduce change failure rates and reduce mean-time-to-recover (MTTR).

Based upon an agreed fair use ‘pool of hours’ basis for incident remediation, peer reviews/pull requests and general advice we are there when you need us. Support can be provided either during business hours or 24×7, depending on your needs.

Opting for Platform Support rather than our full Platform Operations package means you pay for exactly what you need. The basic service can be enhanced with additional options such as problem management and proactive maintenance.

  • Tailor the support to suit your needs
  • Clearly defined SLAs
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly service reviews
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Solid foundations for rapid growth

“An innovative, experimental culture is critical to our success as a fast-growing fintech company, and we now have the means to build, deploy and host new products and features as we continue to grow.”

Michael Ashford, CTO of Wealthify

Cloud Platform Operations

For organisations that do not have mature in-house cloud operations capabilities, DevOpsGroup offers a full application-centric managed cloud service.

Built from the ground up on a basis of Agile, DevOps and SRE principles our platform operations teams are a seamless extension of your in-house capabilities. They work closely with your internal Development and Operations teams to maximise reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of your cloud hosted applications

Experienced Cloud and DevOps engineers work proactively to manage performance and drive continual platform improvements.

  • Management of application engine, database and Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  • Unplanned work and maintenance kept to a minimum
  • SRE principles adopted
  • Supports rapid iteration of applications
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