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Enabling Remote Engineering

Creating high-performance remote engineering teams via a combination of Agile ways-of-working, continuous delivery, and cloud enablement.

Remote Engineering Requirements

In order to build high-performance remote engineering teams you need 3 foundational elements

  1. Agile Ways of Working like Scrum or Kanban
  2. a cloud-based continuous delivery platform like Azure DevOps or GitHub
  3. cloud-based services like Microsoft Azure

DevOpsGroup has been a remote-enabled company from Day One and we’ve learnt many lessons on how to create and manage high-performance remote engineering teams, and we can work with your teams to share our knowledge and accelerate your teams’ remote productivity.

Enabling Remote Engineering

Remote teams are, by their very nature, are more autonomous. Without everyone co-located in the same office each developer needs to have a clear understanding of their goals, and how to contribute to the overall team goals. This is where Agile ways-of-working like Scrum or Kanban become vitally important. They need to be able to colloborate, review, test and build their software in a cloud-based CI/CD platform like Azure DevOps or Github, and lastly deploy their solutions cloud-based Dev, Test & Production environments hosted in Microsoft Azure without the friction of trying to remotely access on-premise environments. DevOpsGroup can help build all these solutions in partnership with your teams.

DevOpsGroup Pipeline Diagram

Immix is our core product and it was vital that its migration to Azure DevOps was handled with expertise. DevOpsGroup’ high calibre of consultants and engineers ensured that the complex task was completed on time and with all potential issues resolved.

- Simon Morgan, CTO at SureView Systems

Remote Engineering Enablement Services

DevOpsGroup’s unique mix of foundational DevOps & Agile coaching from our DevOpsGroup Academy, combined with our expert continuous delivery and cloud engineering services, gives your organisation, and more importantly your teams, the expertise and support they need as they transition to a remote-first engineering model.

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DevOpsGroup Enabling Remote Engineering deliverable - Agile Ways-of-Working

Agile Ways-of-Working

DevOpsGroup Enabling Remote Engineering deliverable - Cloud CI/CD platform

Cloud CI/CD platform

DevOpsGroup Enabling Remote Engineering deliverable - Automated cloud environments

Automated cloud environments

DevOpsGroup Enabling Remote Engineering deliverable - DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

Benefits of our remote engineering enablement services

DevOpsGroup Accelerate your remote engineering transformation Icon
Accelerate your remote engineering transformation

Being a remote-first company DevOpsGroup has already learnt the lessons on how to enable great remote engineering teams - and we can use this to accelerate your transformation

DevOpsGroup Expert Guidance = Improved productivity Icon
Expert Guidance = Improved productivity

Our certified Agile coaches and Cloud&DevOps engineers will help your teams build the platform you need to enable remote engineering, making you more productive, sooner.

Empowering Remote Agility with Azure DevOps

A top 50 law firm with more than 500 employees wanted to migrate its case management system from Microsoft Team Foundation Server to Microsoft Azure DevOps. However, the process was fraught with complexity. Standard tools and methods couldn’t achieve the desired outcome and would have hindered long-term ambitions. Using open source tools to devise a tailored approach, DevOpsGroup turned this high-risk move into a high-value event, unlocking tangible business benefits.

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Learn More

Agile Ways-of-Working

Agile Education from the DevOpsGroup Academy

Continuous Delivery Engineering

Let our engineers migrate you to Azure DevOps or GitHub as your Continuous Delivery Platform

DevOpsGroup Cloud Platform Build Datasheet
Cloud Migration

Accelerate your cloud adoption with cloud migration engineering from DevOpsGroup