DevOps Transformation Discovery

Our DevOps transformation consultants will help you understand your cultural, process and technological landscape and set a common goal for your DevOps transformation.

Adaptiveness at scale

Ensuring IT keeps pace with business needs is a major challenge for organisations. Customers increasingly demand more from digital platforms. At the same time technology advancements are rapidly accelerating. As a result, technology leaders are under pressure to fast-track innovation without compromising stability or security.

Many organisations are embarking on a DevOps transformation to address these problems and are looking for support from experienced DevOps transformation consultants.

  • Have existing DevOps initiatives created isolated pockets of success in your organisation?
  • Are you struggling to scale up your exisiting DevOps initiatives?
  • Are you looking to align people, processes and technologies, then take DevOps to the next level?

Our DevOps Transformation Discovery service helps organisations kickstart or reinvigorate their DevOps Transformation.

Why adopt DevOps?

DevOps has been proven to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of software delivery as well as improving staff morale and motivation.  Find out why organisations are turning to DevOps to unlock increases in organisational performance.

Why Adopt DevOps?

Understanding how you deliver value

Our DevOps Transformation Discovery is for enterprises wanting to achieve IT change via DevOps-aligned processes, technology and culture. Collaborative workshops help us gain the understanding needed to create a clear roadmap to achieve your strategic goals.

Over three consecutive days at your offices, our consultants will conduct semi-structured interviews, workshops, data analysis and work observation.

This uncovers information about people, process and technology challenges to give a holistic view of:

  • Goals – are business and department objectives in alignment?
  • Work – how are jobs prioritised, planned and delivered?
  • Flow – how does work move between teams?

Clarity and focus

Defining what ‘good’ looks like for your organisation at a macro level underpins a meaningful programme for change. This makes it easier to identify constraints, so initiatives have greater focus and purpose.

When you have a clear vision, prioritising the starting point and the next steps becomes more intuitive and less arbitrary.

Outcomes from the DevOps Transformation Discovery consultancy include:

  • High-level definition of the end-goal.
  • Overview of existing DevOps capabilities.
  • Recommendations based on evidenced constraints.
  • Improvement roadmap, prioritised next steps and budget estimates.

DevOps 101

What is DevOps? In this guide, we go back to basics and explain what DevOps is, the benefits it brings and how DevOps is the engine room for IT modernisation in your organisation.

Read our What is DevOps tutorial

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