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A flexible, cost-effective e-learning option for the Foundation Certificate in DevOps

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Modern ways of working

Our Foundation Certificate in DevOps has helped hundreds of IT professionals get started on their DevOps journey, as well as introducing leaders and managers to core principles and practices.

However, it’s not always feasible to release entire teams for two days of classroom training. And some people just prefer to learn at their own pace.

That’s why we’ve developed an online version of the course, delivered via IT training specialist ITSM Zone. It’s the same great content curated by practitioners with real-world DevOps experience. But delegates can log-in to complete the 11 modules at their convenience within a six-month timeframe.

As with our classroom-based training, takeaways include:

  • A core understanding of DevOps values, practices and techniques
  • Recognition of how DevOps can improve workflows and accelerate software deployment
  • A broad appreciation of DevOps methodologies, frameworks and business benefits

IT Operations Manager

It was really easy to understand with no technical jargon that a non-dev person would not understand.

Foundation Certificate in DevOps course content

The course is framework-agnostic, so learnings can be applied to any DevOps tools or solutions. Study duration is 14 hours, covering:

  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Introducing DevOps
  • Module 2: CALMS: Culture
  • Module 3: CALMS: Automation
  • Module 4: CALMS: Lean
  • Module 5: CALMS: Measurement
  • Module 6: CALMS: Sharing
  • Module 7: Common DevOps Roles
  • Module 8: Product vs. Project
  • Module 9: The Three Ways of DevOps, Methods and Approaches
  • Module 10: DevOps Practices
  • Module 11: Summary and Exam Preparation

Our online training partner

We’ve partnered with ITSM Zone to deliver the online version of our Foundation Certificate in DevOps training. It means delegates benefit from 24×7 technical and tutor support as well as ITSM Zone’s e-learning format which is tailored to the needs of self-paced learners.

The course was developed in conjunction with the British Computer Society. Introducing key elements, concepts and terminology of DevOps, it’s geared towards anyone involved in managing or implementing DevOps processes within their organisation. This includes (but is not limited to) roles such as software testers, automation architects, cloud infrastructure engineers, software developer, security engineers, database administrators and product owners.

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