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Make DevOps deliver

Shorter software development cycles, quicker delivery of new features and fixes, better alignment with business goals and customer demands. There’s a lot to like about DevOps. But  many organisations struggle to make it work.

  • Barriers between Dev and Ops are hard to break down
  • Legacy ways of working put a stranglehold on progress
  • Project-based approaches are deeply engrained

It’s no coincidence that all three of these challenges relate to people, not technology. DevOps tools won’t speed up software delivery unless they go hand-in-hand with radical changes in the way teams work.

How do we move to a product-led approach with long-term accountability?

What can we do to boost collaboration and a shared sense of ownership?

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DevOps Simulation

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Breaking down silos

Every DevOps initiative is different, but many of the challenges encountered are universal. At DevOpsGroup Academy we know that the initial transition to DevOps can be hard. But once you push through the pain, the benefits are immense. It can be done, and we’re here to help.

We offer a wide range of support, from certified training to workshops and simulations that get your whole team on-board and ready to embrace DevOps principles. Our courses are devised and delivered by experienced DevOps professionals, so you benefit from real-world experience as well as theoretical understanding.

  • Practical introductions to the ‘one-team’ notion
  • Exercises to foster empathy, collaboration, cohesion
  • Show the value of accountability and responsibility
  • Workable tips, ideas and approaches to kickstart DevOps

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