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Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Use modern software engineering techniques for quick, secure and reliable product development and cloud-based infrastructure management.

Continuous Delivery pipelines

Improving software production

Continuous delivery pipelines enhance software production by streamlining and automating code changes as they progress through the development cycle. This method can be used in the creation and extension of cloud environments built using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) as well as in application deployment.

A major advantage of continuous delivery pipelines is the acceleration of software delivery so that product and service updates reach consumers faster. New features are rolled out individually via a short but effective testing, deployment and release cycle. Because the process is automated, this speed can be achieved without compromising factors such as quality and security.

Continuous delivery pipelines are a critical enabler of agile IT for the digital age, facilitating innovation while reducing risk.

Continuous Delivery engineering

Our cloud and DevOps engineers have lots of experience resolving customers’ technical challenges through the implementation of continuous delivery pipelines. We can create pipelines to modernise and improve cumbersome processes, eradicate technical debt or optimise cloud-based systems for enhanced security, compliance and reliability.

We have a library of proven practices, patterns and playbooks which can be adapted to meet customers’ specific needs. And we have the technical skills and insights to handle areas that can prove problematic such as automated testing.

"We can now push individual requirements through the pipeline, build the right environment and test changes much, much faster. The release cycle has been reduced from 9 months to just 1, and we can make releases far more frequently."

Arnab Paul | Principal Implementation Manager

We’ll transform your software and infrastructure delivery

When you engage us to implement continuous delivery pipelines, we’ll asses the existing software development lifecycle and find ways to improve it. Our engineers combine a deep knowledge of major vendors’ continuous delivery tools with the ability to simplify complex processes. We also upskill internal teams so they can work confidently with continuous delivery pipelines.

  • Advanced engineering skills
  • Industry-standard automation tools
  • Proven patterns and practices
  • Support for internal teams
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DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Advanced engineering skills

Advanced engineering skills

DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Industry-standard automation tools

Industry-standard automation tools

DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Proven patterns and practices

Proven patterns and practices

DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Support for internal teams

Support for internal teams

Fast, secure, sustainable pipelines

DevOpsGroup Quicker time to market Icon
Quicker time to market

Expertly engineered continuous delivery pipelines can shorten software delivery times from months to minutes.

DevOpsGroup Competitive differentiation Icon
Competitive differentiation

High-quality launches and feature enhancements reach users fast, differentiating products and services in line with evolving needs.

DevOpsGroup Risk reduction Icon
Risk reduction

Automating manual processes reduces margin for error, so software delivery is more reliable and predictable as well as faster.

DevOpsGroup Cost-efficiency Icon

Any code defects are identified and blocked early in the software development lifecycle when the cost of rectifying them is low.

Why choose DevOpsGroup?

We take a hands-on approach to transform software production with expertly engineered continuous delivery pipelines.

  • Industry-qualified cloud and DevOps engineers who care about customer outcomes.
  • Experience working with enterprise, public sector and scale-up organisations.
  • A vendor-agnostic approach means we can build pipelines to meet specific needs.
  • Dedicated training, mentoring and coaching to help your team embrace continuous delivery.
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DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Industry-qualified cloud and DevOps engineers

Industry-qualified cloud and DevOps engineers

DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Experience


DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - A vendor-agnostic approach

A vendor-agnostic approach

DevOpsGroup Continuous Delivery Pipelines deliverable - Dedicated training, mentoring and coaching

Dedicated training, mentoring and coaching

Admiral reaps rewards of CI/CD implementation

Admiral, a leading insurance provider, had application deployment times slashed from days to minutes through use of pipelines, integrated security and self-service.

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How do we do it?

We conduct a Pipeline Assessment to understand the current situation and establish the customer’s ideal outcome. Then we deliver engineering, consultancy and training services as needed to implement a sustainable approach to continuous delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many organisations fail at their first attempt with continuous delivery. We bring the expertise and dedicated attention to identify and unravel the complexities that could be holding you back. We also support internal teams to ensure they are confident with this modern approach to software development.

There are so many tools available and selecting the best option depends on multiple factors. It’s often simpler to opt for a single solution from a major vendor, but in some circumstances it’s better to use several tools for different parts of the pipeline. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best choice.

Continuous delivery is fundamental to cloud and DevOps engineering. We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations of different sizes and sectors to implement this approach, so our customers benefit from a large bank of experience and technical expertise.

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If you need help with continuous delivery, we’d love to hear from you. Our consultants and engineers have the knowledge and technical expertise to help you benefit from this modern approach to software development.