Continuous Delivery Pipeline Assessment

Define your continuous delivery vision, and devise a strategy to achieve it with the support of our pipeline consultancy

Why can't we go faster?

With technology leaders under pressure to ensure systems embody speed and stability, techniques such as CI/CD and automation offer a tantalising prospect. But the advantages they promise rarely come easy.  Our Continuous Delivery Pipeline Assessment has been designed to help technology leaders achieve this goal.

The environment is highly complex, with no single ‘right choice’ or straightforward methodology. What’s more, technical debt can prevent operability benefits from being realised, especially when platforms have evolved organically.

  • Are we doing the right thing?
  • Are systems at risk?
  • What constraints are holding us back?

Our Continuous Delivery Pipeline Assessment will help you understand every stage of your pipeline and will deliver you a clear roadmap to get to your target state.


Find our how DevOpsGroup helped Vodafone accelerate development times and efficiency with a new automated CI/CD pipeline

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Clarifying the problem

Our Pipeline Assessment helps streamline end-to-end software development or enhance newly implemented continuous delivery capabilities. It’s about shortening release cycles, automating manual tasks and reducing hand-offs. We identify blockers then co-create a roadmap of improvements.

  • Highlight constraints and operational risks.
  • Create a targeted backlog to operationalise the pipeline.

If you lack the capacity or capability to implement changes in-house, our experienced engineers can address the issues for you.

From vision to reality

Our thorough and holistic process clears the way for more agile and adaptive ways of working:

  1. Hands-on analysis enables us to understand the current situation, showing where constraints and frustrations lie. (These sessions often reveal ‘quick wins’ for immediate relief of pain points).
  2. We define the vision: an achievable pipeline target-state, fully optimised for your needs. And we identify the constraints preventing you from achieving it.
  3. A prioritised backlog of customised recommendations, implemented in-house or outsourced to our engineers, helps make the vision a reality.

Ultimately, the pipeline is improved with fewer manual tasks and hand-offs, so software can be deployed at speed without compromising stability and reliability.

How does it work?


Workshops build deep understanding of current practice and delve into root causes of CI/CD issues.


Bespoke recommendations target constraints to drive progress, efficiency and effectiveness.


Our experienced CI/CD engineers are on-hand to implement if you lack the capabilities or bandwidth.

Continuous Delivery Datasheet

Find out more about the benefits of Continous Delivery in our CD datasheet.

Continuous delivery pipeline consultancy - Pipeline Assessment
Pipeline Assessment Datasheet

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