Continuous Delivery Consulting

Correctly implementing the right CI/CD toolchain, combined with agile ways of working, will unlock huge benefits within an organisation.

Continuous delivery pipeline

Continuous Delivery Pipeline Consultancy

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are proven approaches to allow organisations to deliver software with both speed and stability.

In other words, by using automation to reduce the burden of building, testing and deploying software, teams can deliver value faster. It allows them to work in smaller batches, de-risk releases and get faster feedback from their users.

However, implementing Continuous Delivery Pipelines can be challenging! For example, building a new pipeline or optimising an existing one can present teams with a myriad of challenges.  Knowing which tools to implement, how to integrate them and the operability requirements for these critical systems can be challenging.

DevOpsGroup offers a range of Continuous Delivery consulting services to allow organisations to get the maximum value from their CI/CD pipelines.  Our vendor-agnostic approach delivered by experienced DevOps Consultants will accelerate your software delivery capability.

Continuous delivery pipeline consultancy - Pipeline Review
Pipeline Review

Address the bottlenecks in your current CI/CD pipeline with a Pipeline Review.

  • Review known pipeline issues
  • Brainstorm ideas for improvement
  • create a backlog of improvement items

Experienced DevOpsGroup consultants will provide expert advice on how to address your problems.

Continuous delivery pipeline consultancy - Pipeline Assessment
Pipeline Assessment

Provide teams with a holistic end-to-end view of their CI/CD Pipeline to:

  • identify constraints,
  • offer suggestions for improvement
  • determine what good looks like for your organisation.

Experienced CI/CD consultants and engineers will give you expert advice on how to optimise your CI/CD processes.

Our Pipeline Consultancy Services

We offer a range of pipeline consultancy services depending on your needs.

These range from one-day on-site to help with well understood constraints to longer multi-day engagements to provide strategic direction, address complex issues and underpin larger engineering initiatives.

All these engagements are designed to deliver immediate value.  As well as leaving teams with a backlog of work and ‘quick wins’, leaders are provided with the guidance to make the right strategic decisions.  We understand that the quicker our recommendations are implemented, the sooner value is unlocked for your teams.

We aim to make it as easy as possible for your teams, or our DevOps Engineers, to enhance your Continuous Delivery practices.

Continuous Delivery

Adopt modern software development methods and technology to improve team capabilities and accelerate innovation.  Find out more about the benefits of Continous Delivery in our CD datasheet.

Download our Continuous Delivery datasheet

Technical Consultancy

Successful DevOps requires more than just successful implementation of the right tooling.  Organisations need to adopt of a set of technical patterns and practices that drive IT performance.

DevOpsGroup offer a wide range of services to help organisations identify and address technical constraints including:

  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Containerisation
  • Version Control & Branch-Merge strategy
  • Development Best Practices
  • Test Automation and Test Data Management
  • Monitoring
  • DevSecOps

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