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Make cloud migration faster, easier and more cost-effective with container technology.

Containers linking into cloud

An easier way to migrate and modernise

Containers have become a key technology for many organisations migrating to the cloud. Used to package an application with its configuration and OS dependencies, they ensure software runs reliably when moved from one computing environment to another. As well as improving portability, they make it easier to leverage cloud benefits such as cost-optimisation, enhanced operability and scalability on-demand.

With containers, cloud migration can be both fast and effective. The technology is also useful in cloud adoption and software deployment scenarios where environments need to be created or extended quickly.

Expert use of containers

With containers, it’s possible to embrace modern cloud-native approaches without having to recode migrated applications. However, the approach does require expert management and implementation.

When you engage DevOpsGroup for cloud migration or modernisation services, we’ll identify any applications that could benefit from containerisation. Our engineers are experienced in the use of opensource and cloud vendor container technologies and orchestration platforms, from Docker and Kubernetes to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Container Instances.

We have the technical skills and in-depth cloud knowledge to help you use containers effectively, whatever your circumstances.

“We wanted a partner with lots of experience in complex cloud migrations to conduct a proof of concept ahead of our largescale transition to AWS. DevOpsGroup was totally unfazed by work that we would have been reluctant to undertake.”

Paul Holden, VP Operations, BrightTALK

From containerisation to orchestration

DevOpsGroup can handle the entire process, from containerising applications to managing their orchestration and operation. We regularly run proof of concept migrations using containers to show how the technology works, and we can also develop blueprints to guide in-house teams.

  • Guidance on when to use containers
  • Containerisation of applications
  • Orchestration of containers
  • Operation in AWS or Azure
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DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Guidance on when to use containers

Guidance on when to use containers

DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Containerisation of applications

Containerisation of applications

DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Orchestration of containers

Orchestration of containers

DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Operation in AWS or Azure

Operation in AWS or Azure

Get more from the cloud

DevOpsGroup Modernise fast Icon
Modernise fast

Containers act as a stepping-stone on the route to cloud-native; applications can be modernised without the need for a full rebuild.

DevOpsGroup Boost efficiency Icon
Boost efficiency

Resources are used more efficiently, reducing total cost of ownership. This can be taken further with modern approaches like on-demand scalability.

DevOpsGroup Improve performance Icon
Improve performance

Designed to run consistently and reliably in any environment, containers improve resilience and stability during and after migration.

DevOpsGroup Unlock innovation  Icon
Unlock innovation

By making full use of cloud vendor services and capabilities, containers release time and energy for new product and feature development.

Why choose DevOpsGroup?

We regularly use containers to help clients achieve seamless cloud migrations that deliver business benefits fast.

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DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Strong track record

Strong track record

DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

DevOpsGroup Containerisation deliverable - Expert engineers

Expert engineers

A migration proof of concept for BrightTALK

Find out how we used container technology and a purpose-built landing zone to help BrightTALK de-risk a largescale migration to AWS.

Read about BrightTALK

How do we do it?

We regularly handle complex cloud migrations, and we know how to determine the best tools for the task in hand. We have a wealth of experience using container technologies to make the migration process easier, safer and more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every case is different, however containers can be a good option when migration needs to happen fast, but a lift and shift won’t deliver the required benefits.

Containers are also useful when you need to scale quickly to handle spikes in demand. They can be run in clusters for high availability and resilience.

Since containers don’t need a dedicated internal operating system, licencing costs and management time are reduced. They also make more efficient use of cloud compute resource.

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Here at DevOpsGroup, we have the technical expertise and commercial understanding to ensure your cloud migration delivers the outcomes you need. We can help you figure out the best way to get to the cloud, then make the transition fast, secure and simple.