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Cloud Strategy & Planning

Draw on our cloud engineering expertise to shape and strengthen your cloud adoption strategy and unlock benefits sooner.

We’ll help you get cloud right

Simplifying complex cloud scenarios is business as usual for DevOpsGroup. Whatever stage you’re at on the cloud adoption journey, we can help you get the most from the environment. Our AWS and Azure specialists have the skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver a secure, cost-efficient and reliable cloud experience. Upfront planning plays a critical role, and we’ll guide the development of a proportional and effective strategy that’s right for your organisation.

"DevOpsGroup are friendly, approachable, knowledgable, fast and are great communicators. I'm very happy to be working with them to get the best out of AWS for our business."

Luke Huxley, Principal Systems Architect | CloudPay

Cloud strategy and planning tailored to you

We get to know your team, your goals and the challenges you face. This means our work is rooted in a firm understanding of what you need, and our services will help you achieve it faster.

  • Clearly defined goals.
  • Stakeholder alignment.
  • Expert recommendations.
  • Task prioritisation.
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DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Clearly defined goals

Clearly defined goals

DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Stakeholder alignment

Stakeholder alignment

DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Expert recommendations

Expert recommendations

DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Task prioritisation

Task prioritisation

Better cloud outcomes, sooner

DevOpsGroup Accelerate cloud adoption Icon
Accelerate cloud adoption

We’ll help you find the best and quickest way for your organisation to get to the cloud and leverage its benefits.

DevOpsGroup Maintain standards Icon
Maintain standards

Our cloud engineering experts will ensure security, compliance and governance meet or exceed organisational and industry requirements.

DevOpsGroup A streamlined approach Icon
A streamlined approach

Even the most complex setups can be broken down into simple, logical programs of work by our experienced AWS and Azure specialists.

DevOpsGroup Achieve cost-efficiency Icon
Achieve cost-efficiency

We’ll show where immediate cost savings can be made, and outline practical ways to foster long term cost-effectiveness.

Why choose DevOpsGroup?

Our cloud consultants and engineers are at the head of their game. You’ll benefit from an immense depth and breadth of experience and expertise.

  • Expert insights
  • Proven methods
  • Partnership approach
  • Current best practice
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DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Expert insights

Expert insights

DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Proven methods

Proven methods

DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Partnership approach

Partnership approach

DevOpsGroup Cloud Strategy & Planning deliverable - Current best practice

Current best practice

From monolith to microservices

Find out how we helped Delio achieve faster, more reliable software development with a migration to AWS EKS that modernised the target workload.

Find out how we helped Delio

How do we do it?

We ask the right questions to elicit the information needed to make your cloud strategy fly. Then we make focused recommendations to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

DevOpsGroup team leading a session

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you make any commitment, we’ll set up a call to find out more about your situation and recommend the best service for your needs.

This process is most useful when you need to validate the decision to migrate to the cloud and build a clear understanding of what will be involved.

An Inception workshop facilitated by one of our cloud consultants will break the cloud strategy down into a manageable, well-prioritised program.

Absolutely. We’ll prepare documentation that outlines the costs and resources required to achieve a successful migration, as well as ways to leverage cost savings once you’re there.

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