Cloud Platform Engineering

Let our engineers help you improve the agility, security and operability of your cloud environments.

Managed Cloud Services

Hands-on Cloud Engineering, when you need it.

Modern cloud platforms are complex.

Firstly, the hyper-scale cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure offer a huge range of services and choosing the right services, to create the right cloud platform, at the right price, needs expert help. Secondly, cloud skills are scarce and your in-house teams might not have the right skills and expertise. Thirdly, your costs can quickly escalate unless you put the right cost-control mechanisms in place, upfront.

DevOpsGroup’s cloud engineers are expert in building flexible, scalable and secure cloud platforms to meet the customers’ needs. Above all, our skilled engineers use automation techniques to ensure that your cloud platform is able to rapidly adapt to changing business demands.

  • We need to drive tangible value from the cloud more quickly, but where do we start?
  • How can we accelerate cloud platform build and minimise technical debt as we adopt new features?
  • How can we leverage the right tools to manage it effectively?

Wealthify: Cloud Platform Engineering in action

Find out how DevOpsGroup provided cloud platform engineering to help Wealthify accelerate their journey to the cloud and supported its technology teams moving forward.


Read the Wealthify Case Study

Optimisation where it matters

DevOpsGroup’s Cloud Platform Engineering services accelerate the creation of modern cloud platforms while maximising security and operability. We apply DevOps tools and methods to cloud environments on Microsoft Azure and AWS, taking a pragmatic, value-driven approach to make the technology work for your organisation.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Security and continual compliance monitoring
  • Data platforms
  • Monitoring, alerting and observability
  • Environment creation and deployment pipelines
  • Self-service capabilities

Our experienced, certified engineers combine cloud provider solutions with best-in-class supporting technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef and Octopus.

Cost control

Reduce total cost of ownership through better spend management, accelerated productivity and improved operability.


Improve enterprise agility and ship new ideas faster by adopting strategic automation and unlocking self-service capability.

Happy customers

Accelerate new product delivery and enhance the customer experience, without compromising security, stability or scalability.

Less red-tape

Shift to continual compliance monitoring instead of audit based control, for peace of mind, better compliance and reduced overheads.

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