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TFS to Azure DevOps: Migration Made Easy

Take a low-risk migration path to upgrade TFS quickly, safely and skilfully.

Avoid migration fail

Migrating from TFS to Azure DevOps is an opportunity to improve processes and accelerate software delivery with enhanced agility and modern ways of working. But the transition is not always straightforward, especially if you’re dealing with complex configurations and a high number of source code repositories.

Specialist skills are needed to facilitate a smooth transition, yet many organisations underestimate the challenges involved and fail at their first attempt. Since this is a one-time upgrade, there’s no long-term benefit in developing the required skills in-house.

That’s where DevOpsGroup can help. We’re a trained Microsoft Partner and our engineers have developed bespoke tooling to accelerate and de-risk the process.

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What is Azure DevOps?

Could Azure DevOps be the missing link in your CI/CD tool-chain. In this guide we explore the features of Azure DevOps and the benefits it can deliver to teams and organisations.

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Download our datasheet to find out more about our TFS to Azure DevOps migration service.

TFS to Azure DevOps migration service

Some TFS to Azure DevOps migrations are too complex for standard tools. For instance, many of our customers find they can’t  combine ‘organisations’ in Azure when taking a phased approach to migration.

Challenging scenarios like this are business as usual for DevOpsGroup consultants and engineers. Handling them in-house can be time consuming, resource intensive and loaded with risk. But under our management they become seamless, efficient and safe.

We typically hold an Inception Day to identify objectives and challenges, then deploy a three-phase migration process:

  • Plan: identify exactly what will be migrated including source code, work items and builds.
  • Test: using a test environment built on the Azure Cloud Platform, a dry-run is performed to ensure all artefacts migrate as expected.
  • Migrate: full migration from TFS to Azure DevOps is executed.

Azure DevOps migration unlocks new business model

Find out how DevOpsGroup helped SureView move towards a SaaS model for their core platform by migrating from TFS to Azure DevOps.

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Right first time

Organisations that appoint DevOpsGroup to handle TFS to Azure DevOps migration enjoy a frictionless move to a fully functioning Azure DevOps implementation. Take a look at the below case studies to see how we overcome complex and challenging scenarios.

Our consultants and engineers have the experience and skill to help you reap the benefits of Azure DevOps quickly and safely. And while they complete the heavy lifting, your in-house engineers can focus on delivering value for customers.

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