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Inception Day

Hone your cloud engineering strategy with intensive workshops that pinpoint needs, objectives and priorities.

Start your Cloud journey the right way.

Migrating to the cloud is a complex task.

Having a clear cloud engineering strategy can help organisations avoid many common mistakes.  As a result, engineering work will be well aligned to the organisation’s goals. In turn, this avoids introducing vulnerability and risk into your cloud programme.

However, with a constantly evolving IT estate determining these priorities is easier said than done.

  • How can we convey our complex needs to a third party cloud engineering provider?
  • How do we ensure alignment with our own internal stakeholders?
  • What should they focus on, what can wait until later, how do we ensure work’s completed on-time and on-budget?

Defining needs

Holding a formal Inception Day before starting a large-scale cloud engineering project ensures everyone’s attention is focused where it matters most. It boosts success rates and ensures you get the maximum return from your investment.

We hold a series of workshops to elicit true needs and priorities from your team. Central to this is our Inception Canvas workshop where we dissect the brief, validate goals and consider potential barriers. Then we give a realistic estimate of the timescales and costs involved in project delivery.

  • Better alignment between your team and ours from the outset.
  • Shared understanding of desired outcomes, requirements, priorities and trade-offs.
  • Our technical expertise and experience is leveraged earlier in the process, driving better front-end decisions and enhancing overall outcomes.

This single day engagement reduces risks and maximises benefits. It’s an opportunity to assess the calibre of our consultants and understand our working practices before committing to a full project.

How does it work?

During the Inception Day, our expert Cloud consultants run focused whiteboard sessions with key members of your team. The workshops are semi-structured to ensure important points are covered while stimulating free-flowing conversation. Together we uncover insights that impact the project, which otherwise might have hindered delivery at a later stage.

After the workshop we deliver an Inception Report which clearly sets outs the goals of the engagement in terms of business value and technical benefits. It also outlines the scope and scale of work required, enabling you to effectively measure the outcomes and achievements.

  • A well-defined project scope facilitates better budgeting and time management.
  • Clear targets and measurable outcomes help secure internal buy-in and sign-off.
  • Better transparency and cohesion between your team and ours from the outset.
  • Clear shared understanding of risks and constraints
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Discovery & Design

Collaboratively design and architect the platform, considering its reliability, operability and security. Build any spikes or POCs that are needed and plan the main build or migration phase.

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Well-Architected Review

Benchmark your architecture against the AWS Well-Architected Framework to accelerate and optimise cloud performance. Book a free review with out AWS Certified Consultants.

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