Discovery and Design

Bring clarity to cloud projects to avoid scope-creep and overrun with our cloud Discovery and Design process

On time, on budget

Unfortunately, IT initiatives often take longer and cost more than expected. It can lead to expensive projects being abandoned before completion, or failing to deliver adequate value (ROI).

Such failures threaten business performance, profitability and reputation. In the very worst cases, they can cause lasting damage.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • How can we ensure the process is managed well from the outset, so we work efficiently and effectively to achieve our goals?
  • What risks might derail our project – how can we identify them early what steps should we take to control them?

Improved predictability for build engineering work and budgeting


Peer-reviewed, validated architecture to de-risk implementation


A tiered proposal with scope defined for each level

Banish scope-creep

Discovery and Design is our standalone analysis, planning and cloud architecture consultancy engagement.

Carving a clear scope for activity that lies ahead, it identifies what has to happen and when. When you define the scope properly at the outset, it’s easier to navigate issues that inevitably arise during a project’s lifetime.

What’s involved?

We specify the design and the plan to a sufficient level that work can begin with a reasonable degree of predictability while maintaining flexibility.

  • The engagement involves two to four days of onsite discovery workshops, followed by more detailed desk-based discovery and design.
  • It ensures we understand your requirements well enough to provide a firm plan, e.g. for Build, Test and Transition.
  • Activity is usually split into two sprints with an onsite Design Decisions workshop to kick-off the second sprint and a final onsite presentation to conclude the engagement.

All recommendations and proposals are verified by our technical experts and, where appropriate, the relevant cloud provider.

A flexible plan

The goal of Discovery and Design is not to plan each activity in minute detail, but it goes beyond a traditional high-level design.  Our analysis, planning and cloud architecture consultancy provides:


  • A Cloud Architecture Design Document.
  • Build or Migration Backlog with high-level plan.
  • Operate scope and confirmation of the application tier (where appropriate).
  • AWS Well-Architected Report for AWS workloads.


  • Before Design and Discovery can go ahead, an Inception Day must he held to clarify goals, trade-offs and the technical landscape.
  • For migrations onto AWS, an AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) will be completed as part of the Inception Day.
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Inception Day

Learn more about our Inception Day that hones your cloud engineering strategy with intensive workshops that pinpoint needs, objectives and priorities.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Benchmark your cloud architecture against the AWS Well-Architected Framework with a free Well-Architected Review (WAR) and receive $5000 from Amazon to help modernise your cloud platform.

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