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Cloud Migration Engagement Model

Our extensive experience in helping organisations adopt the public cloud is the key to your migration success.

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Cloud Migration Engagement Model

Tried and tested process

DevOpsGroup has extensive experience helping organisations adopt public cloud.

Based on our experience we have developed a Cloud Migration Engagement Model that aligned to the best practice recommendations for both AWS and Azure.  The model ensures alignment at every stage of a cloud migration and ensures organisations embrace the cloud as a strategic technology for future success.

The DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration Engagement Model is broken down into four distinct phases each with key activities and deliverables ensuring a successful cloud migration.

The model is agile, with the iterative delivery of value for the client at every phase, and collaborative, with DevOpsGroup working closely with the customer’s Cloud Enablement Team (CET), product managers and other key stakeholders in the cloud migration process.

Inception: ensuring alignment from the outset

The Inception Phase of the Cloud Migration Engagement Model is designed to ensure that there is alignment between DevOpsGroup and your organisation.

This short phase comprises meetings and workshops with key stakeholders to ensure there is clarity of:

  • Business outcomes
  • Key stakeholders
  • Scope, enablers and constraints
  • Relative priorities of cost, quality, speed and scope
  • Roadmap for key activities
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Discovery & Design

The Discovery & Design phase of the Cloud Migration Engagement Model ensures that the necessary planning and design work has been completed to ensure a successful migration to the cloud. The purpose of Discovery and Design is to specify the design and the plan to a sufficient level that build work in the Pilot or Delivery phase can begin with a reasonable degree of predictability while maintaining flexibility.

This phase comprises a number of key activities, outputs are delivered iteratively to the client in keeping with the ethos of rapid delivery of value to the customer.  These activities include:

  • Cloud adoption baseline assessment
  • Cloud economic assessment and business value assessment
  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Technical design workshops
  • Cloud landing zone HLD
  • Cloud migration pilot HLD
  • Cloud migration strategy

Delivery: migrating the right way

During the Delivery phase our squads of engineers, consultants and delivery managers will work to execute on the migration strategy agreed in the Discovery and Design phase. The Delivery phase follows an agile approach designed to ensure the DevOpsGroup team is working in partnership with your teams.

During the Delivery phase the engineering squads will adopt an agile cadence and set of agile ceremonies to ensure there is strong collaboration and clear communication at every stage of the delivery.

As part of a Cloud Migration, it is likely that the delivery phase will last for months, and possibly years, depending upon the number of applications and environments to be migrated. Over this time the squads will continue to adopt a principle of delivering value early and often and not just at the end of the phase.

Enable: Maximising the value of the migration

The final phase of the Cloud Migration Engagement Model is the Enable phase. This phase is intended to ensure that organisations maximise the value of the work delivered. In a large cloud-migration individual applications and services will be iteratively transitioned into production during the however there are still key activities to finalise the migration.

  • Ensure that all migrated applications have been successfully transitioned to their ‘run’ team
  • Ensure that all the necessary technical & non-technical skills have been transferred
  • Any datacentre or hardware decommissioning steps are clearly defined
  • Final reporting as agreed in the governance framework
  • Confirmation of any additional engineering support that is required
  • Confirmation of any ongoing training support that is required

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