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Agile Coaching and Consulting

Expert Agile coaching and consulting, to help your organisation scale up its Agile practices, leading to true business agility

Agile team stand-up

Agile Coaching

People are at the heart of any Agile transformation and ensuring your teams are supported on their agile journey is key to your success.  DevOpsGroup’s Agile coaches know that all organisations are unique and that a ‘by-the-book’ agile implementation is not the best route to success.

Instead of relying on a prescriptive approach, our experienced and framework-agnostic coaches work closely with your teams to identify their challenges. They then create bespoke coaching programmes to support them on their agile journey.

Agile coaching, tailored to your needs

High impact coaching needs to relate directly to your people, your organisational challenges, and your business dynamics. That’s why we offer a variety of coaching services, each designed to apply at different areas of the business, addressing their specific challenges.

Delivering Agile “at scale” is becoming increasingly important to organisations. Agile coaches will help you scale your agile delivery, introducing concepts such as ‘Scrum of Scrums’, without introducing unwanted red tape that slows down your teams.


DevOpsGroup - DevOps and the Product Owner

Certain key roles will require more specific attention during an Agile transformation. Agile Coaches will work with individuals, such as Product Owners, to offer bespoke role-based advice as well as teaching effective Agile leadership.


Our coaches will work with teams on a daily basis, enabling the team to self-organise and self-manage as quickly as possible. Our framework-agnostic approach ensures the working practices teams adopt are best suited to their needs and stay true to the Agile Manifesto.


We provide executive and senior management teams with guidance on how to lead and support an Agile or DevOps Transformation. Senior leaders play a vital role in the success of any transformation, and by leading the way and modelling the right agile behaviours they can have a huge impact on success of the transformation.


Getting the stakeholders involved in your work (and most importantly non IT stakeholders) and keeping them engaged at an appropriate level is critical for ongoing Agile success. Our coaches can give stakeholders the key knowledge they need to contribute to the success of the transformation.

Why up-skill in Agile?

Agile ways of working promote a culture of shared responsibility, experimentation, and continuous learning.  Learn more on the benefits agile ways-of-working delivers for organisations & teams.

Benefits of Agile

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