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Enhance capabilities with certified Agile and DevOps training and coaching from real-world practitioners

Training and coaching for the real-world

In the digital economy, opportunities and threats are continually evolving. In order to keep pace with change, every business needs to exploit technology to create competitive advantage. Because of this the prevailing ‘adapt or die’ mindset is prompting many organisations to embrace Agile and DevOps ways of working. DevOpsGroup offers a range of certified Agile and DevOps training and coaching programmes which includes both traditional class-room based certified courses, our unique DevOps simulations and our targeted 1:1 DevOps Leadership coaching program.

Another problem is that in many organisations people have conflicting ideas about the fundamental principles of Agile and DevOps. DevOpsGroup training enables teams to share a common understanding of key concepts, vocabulary and practices. This means your teams can implement Agile and DevOps practices faster, which in turn leads to improved productivity.

Our trainers and coaches are experienced practitioners with real-world experience.  They combine a carefully curated course syllabus with examples from their day-to-day work to help your teams see how these principles, patterns and practices can apply in your organisation.


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DevOps Training

Our Agile and DevOps training is relevant to real-world challenges. It combines theory with real-world scenarios, delivered by practitioners whose extensive experiences bring the training to life. This means you can start implementing the new ideas in your organisation straight away.

Professional Training

Our DevOps Professional Training will kickstart your DevOps transformation ensuring a common goal for your DevOps journey.

Agile and DevOps Bootcamps

Our Agile and DevOps Bootcamp combines the most comprehensive Agile curriculum in the market with a detailed understanding of fundamental DevOps values, practices and techniques.

DevOps Leadership Coaching

Our DevOps leadership coaching programme is designed to support leaders leading their organisation through a DevOps transformation. Our bespoke 1:1 DevOps leadership coaching will accelerate your DevOps, Agile and Cloud journey by making you a more effective leader.

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