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Engineering expertise to accelerate your DevOps and Cloud initiatives.

DevOps and Cloud Engineering
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Managed Cloud Services

Maximise cloud platform uptime with expert 24x7 support.

Managed Cloud services
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Expert guidance implementing Agile, DevOps and Cloud at scale.

Agile, DevOps and Cloud consulting
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Certified Agile and DevOps training from real-world practitioners.

Agile and DevOps Training

Engineering Services

Our Cloud and DevOps Engineers have vast experience working with the leading Cloud Platforms and DevOps toolchains. Working either alongside your existing engineers or as a standalone team, they will empower and accelerate your DevOps journey.

We have an everything-as-code approach to engineering which ensures our platforms and pipelines are built on a solid foundation of repeatability, testability and scalability.

Embracing the DevOps ways-of-working that are at our core we work in a highly collaborative way focussing on delivering business value quickly and incrementally.

Cloud & DevOps engineering


To keep up with change in the digital economy, every business needs to exploit technology. Our training services help organisations enhance their Agile and DevOps capabilities with certified training from real-world practitioners.

Our certified training in Agile and DevOps practices is delivered by experienced practitioners. They don’t just spout the theory. They also understand the realities, conflicts and complexities of the work environment.

Agile and DevOps training & coaching

Our customers

Our engineers, coaches and consultants are experts in helping organisations modernise their ways-of-working.

See how they have helped organisations across a wide range of sectors modernise unlock innovation.

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Consulting Services

Our consultants are experts at delivering IT modernisation and helping organisations adopt Cloud and DevOps at scale.

They are focussed on helping organisations:

  • Adopt modern, agile ways of working to improve the flow of work through their organisation.
  • Design, implement and operate DevOps toolchains across the full CI/CD Pipeline maximise the speed and stability with which new features can be delivered.
  • Unlock the power of the cloud.
Agile, DevOps & Cloud consulting services

Managed Services

Delivering software innovation at pace without compromising system stability is the holy grail of modern operations. But the equation is easily thrown off balance by unplanned work and general maintenance. DevOpsGroup offers two levels of operational support, so your teams can focus on driving value without neglecting the wider environment.

Platform Support: this on-call service enables client teams to escalate issues to our specialist Cloud and DevOps engineers when support is needed.

Platform Operations: for more critical applications, many clients hand full responsibility for uptime and availability to DevOpsGroup. Our Platform Operations service is designed for developer-built applications that are close to the core value stream. Experienced Cloud and DevOps engineers work proactively to manage performance and drive continual improvement.

Managed Cloud services

Empowering you to achieve more

At DevOpsGroup we can build modern cloud platforms and operations, accelerate DevOps transformations, and upskill your teams to create empowered digital practitioners and leaders in the age of disruption. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of DevOps, we unlock growth by driving innovation, accelerating speed-to-market and increasing customer relevance for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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