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Every DevOps project is unique. But they all share one core characteristic: complexity.

This can be a major obstacle for organisations striving to achieve, or enhance, high-performance status. Which capabilities should you focus on, and what aspects of them should you prioritise?

We’ve partnered with DORA to address these questions in an intelligent, systematic way.

Established by leading authorities in the DevOps space, DORA assesses existing capabilities and benchmarks them against a global database. This provides valuable insights about where you’re performing well and where a lack of capability is holding you back.

How does it work?

  1. Individuals across one line of business take a 15-20-minute online survey to provide a complete picture of organisational capabilities.
  2. Results are cross-refenced with data from other organisations to provide an industry benchmark.
  3. DORA conducts a prioritisation analysis and generates a report highlighting core capabilities that should be optimised to deliver performance improvements.

What happens next?

We offer DORA surveys as part of our DevOps Services ‘discovery phase’, providing clarity and focus for client projects.

If you choose to progress to our validation phase, we can develop and implement a progressive strategy to enhance specific capabilities and improve organisational performance.

After a set interval – usually around nine months – a follow-up DORA survey is conducted to measure progress.

Contact our DevOps Services team if you’d like to discuss your needs.

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