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Engineering, Training and Consultancy services for organisations implementing Cloud and DevOps on AWS.

Ensuring technology delivers for organisations

DevOpsGroup are an AWS Advanced and Well-Architected Partner. We empower Enterprise & Scale-up organisations to achieve more in the digital economy by modernising IT. Our experts simplify complex theory into practical solutions, equipping your internal teams with modern technology, working practices and knowledge – enabling IT to exceed business expectations. Simply put; we ensure technology delivers for organisations.

DevOpsGroup can help you build and deliver applications with speed and stability on AWS by applying DevOps principles, practices, and methodologies across your software development and operational teams.

As an AWS partner, we recognise the power of people, process, and technology in enabling sustainable change and responding to a rapidly changing marketplace. Our aim is to unlock business growth, accelerate speed-to-market, and increase customer centricity.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Leveraging AWS’ cloud and automation tools, we’ll help you build a world-class software development and deployment function underpinned by continuous delivery pipelines and DevOps practices.

With AWS applications such as CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodeStar (in addition to open-source tooling like Jenkins, HashiCorp, Chef, Puppet, and Ansible), we can create and configure CI/CD pipelines; automate the configuration and deployment of software delivery; and monitor application and infrastructure performance.

Our aim is to help you accelerate innovation, productivity, speed, and stability across your organisation, while eradicating the gap between Dev and Ops and enabling leading customer experiences.

Click below to find out how Vodafone used DevOpsGroup to accelerate development times and efficiency with a new automated delivery pipelines.

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Cloud Migration

DevOpsGroup have partnered with AWS and our customers to migrate workloads, services and environments into AWS from on premise, data centre and cloud to cloud.  Well versed in understand and executing against the AWS migration acceleration programmes, we work alongside your team to create migration strategies, and using the most appropriate migrations paths from lift and shift through to complete refactor of applications to make them cloud native. (See AWS Migration Capability including relevant industry use cases)

As an advanced AWS partner, we are aligned to the AWS “Well-Architected Framework” carefully selected to advise customers on AWS best practice via Well Architected Reviews.

Cost optimisation is one of the key pillars of the Well Architected Framework with the objective of designing platforms to make effective use of services and resources and to achieve business outcomes at minimal cost.

By adopting the Well Architected Framework and related practices it enables us to build and continuously review architectures for our clients which:

  • Ensure that usage and costs move in line with demand
  • Use appropriate services and resource types to minimise costs
  • Analyse and attribute costs and measure efficiency
  • Reduce the related costs over time

See how Skyscanner partnered with DevOpsGroup for their global cloud migration into AWS to accelerate data centre closure.

Read our Skyscanner case study

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Accelerate your Cloud adoption using automation and everything-as-code to deliver security, stability and cost optimisation.

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Enterprise Transformation

DevOpsGroup help organisations adopt cloud at scale which is shown to be a significant enabler of Agile & DevOps working practices, automation and platform delivery models that form the foundation of modern IT. When these factors are combined with an organisation-wide shift toward generative culture and transformational leadership, technology departments can become capable of enabling business growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

DevOpsGroup have worked with over 80 clients globally on their DevOps and Digital Transformation.

With a thorough understanding of DevOps, Agile, and Lean practices, we’ll work with your developers and engineers from the ground up – driving value creation for customers and other key stake holders.

Agile and DevOps adoption at scale

Cloud Migration Whitepaper

In this Whitepaper, we explore how organisations embracing the core characteristics of the Cloud are 1.5 times more likely to achieve organisational goals for productivity, profitability and market share.

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