Be a digital leader, not follower

We’re helping organisations to navigate their digital journeys in this age of technological disruption though building high-performance IT capabilities so they can innovate at speed, empower internal digital transformation leaders, and accelerate growth.

In today’s interconnected and constantly evolving world, the success of businesses is determined by the speed at which they deliver new products and services, how they innovate, and the reliability of their operations.

At DevOpsGroup, we recognise the power of people, process, and technology to enable sustainable change. Our DevOps expertise helps you unlock growth by accelerating speed-to-market and increasing customer centricity.


A new model of software delivery

DevOps is a holistic and end-to-end process that breaks down the barriers between development, operations, and other key stakeholders in the application lifecycle.

Why do you need DevOps? Underpinning digital transformation initiatives, DevOps enables a consistent, stable IT performance, and increases the speed, efficiency, and quality of software delivery.

DevOps doesn’t just focus on technical excellence, it also impacts organisational culture, resulting in happier and more productive teams. Promoting deep cross-functional collaboration results in everyone being on the same page and empowered to achieve great things for the organisation. Meanwhile, a commitment to automation eradicates wearisome and monotonous tasks, freeing-up the capacity in the team to concentrate on value add.

This approach enables frequent releases and continuous feedback, which results in truly Agile software delivery.


How we can help

Getting started on a digital transformation journey is no small deal. To implement DevOps successfully and facilitate significant IT change, you need the right processes, technologies, and culture.

Barriers to success include: fear of the new, immature technologies, a shortage of training, failure to appreciate the urgency, inflexible command and control structures, and over-dependence on outside IT resources.

DevOpsGroup can help you to overcome these challenges and provide support through every stage of your DevOps transformation journey.

We’ll consider all aspects of your software delivery process to formulate a DevOps strategy with you by leveraging our team of industry-leading DevOps coaches and automation consultants.


Why us?

With offices in London and Cardiff, DevOpsGroup provides services to enterprise and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas. We draw upon practical, real-world experience of working with the likes of Admiral, BAE Systems, Fitness First, Vodafone, and Waitrose.

When it comes to technology, we hold top-tier accreditations with all the major vendors of automation software, including Atlassian, JetBrains, Ansible, Red Hat, Octopus, Redgate, App Dynamics, Data loop, and Microsoft. We also have significant experience with open-source tooling such as Git, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, ELK, and Docker.

Cited by Forrester, Gartner, and Microsoft in research, we’re regarded as leaders in the DevOps and digital transformation space. Many of our staff members are known amongst the wider DevOps community, actively contributing to conferences, seminars, and meet-ups globally.

Start your DevOps transformation journey now

To discuss how DevOps can unlock value from your digital transformation journey, or to generally learn more about our services, feel free to get in touch. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.