Modern cloud support

As a modern operations partner, we can manage the performance and availability of your critical applications running in Microsoft Azure or AWS.

We’ll give you the freedom to innovate with speed and stability, as well as the knowledge and reassurance that your platforms are well maintained for your customers and that they will have a great experience.


Rapid innovation

We’ll work in close partnership with your application development teams to maintain actively developed applications running in the cloud.

This allows you to focus all of your mindshare on building great software that resonates with your customers.

Unlike traditional cloud service providers, we understand how to work collaboratively with your development teams to enable a leading customer experience.

With an extensive knowledge of DevOps and Agile working practices, our expert consultants will deliver next-generation operations services that are aligned with your developer-built applications.


Going beyond

We go beyond the operating system, covering the full application platform onto which your custom code is deployed.

Giving you the freedom to focus on features and innovation, we’ll protect your teams from operational toil and unplanned work.

Within the deployment toolchain, you’ll solely manage custom application code. Meanwhile, we’ll look after everything else: application engines, containers, serverless, operating systems, PaaS, and cloud platforms.


Why do you need an operations partner?

Seeking the support of an operations partner will give you the ability to not only focus on innovation, but also accelerate your speed-to-market and increase agility.

With our support, you’ll be able to create meaningful competitive advantage for your business and empower your development teams.


Why us?

As well as being experts in the latest cloud technologies, our consultants are skilled at managing organisational change and introducing new ways of working.

To us, DevOps is essential for cloud operations – particularly if you want to innovate at speed. Quoted by Gartner, Forrester, and Microsoft in research, we’re regarded as thought leaders in this space.

We view DevOps as a holistic way of working – rather than a set of automation tools. This paves the way to a successful cloud transformation.

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