Focus on ‘how’ for migration success

IT leaders now recognise that simply moving to the cloud is not enough. The way the infrastructure is recreated impacts your ability to unlock cost savings, innovation and agility. At DevOpsGroup, our expert engineers manage complex migrations and use modern DevOps practices to drive value from cloud adoption faster.

"DevOpsGroup has been instrumental in getting our cloud migration and datacentre exit plans running on schedule. I have been extremely impressed by the quality of their work and the experience they bring. They’ve been a crucial enabler to us hitting our strategic deadlines.”

Ashley Sole
Engineering Manager, Skyscanner

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Pragmatic engineering

Moving to the cloud presents an opportunity to improve how things are built and done. You can significantly reduce technical debt and unlock masses of potential. But cloud migrations involve a lot of heavy lifting, and hard deadlines
mean high pressure.

At DevOpsGroup, we develop practical engineering solutions to ease your migration to the cloud. We plan and execute the best approach in line with your specific needs and circumstances. And we focus on maximising value from the move quickly, propelling you towards ongoing innovation and lasting success.

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Cloud migration whitepaper

If you’re coordinating a large-scale cloud migration, this paper will help you get it right.

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud won’t magically transform your business. However, if you recreate it in a way fosters ongoing modernisation and continual improvement, you’ll achieve tangible value more quickly.

In this free DevOpsGroup resource, we outline important considerations, common pitfalls to avoid and the business case for doing cloud right. Take some time out to have a read and reflect on the best way forward for your organisation.


Business outcomes

  1. Capex Avoidance and Totex Reduction – reduced overall expenditure on IT infrastructure and freedom from capex-intensive hardware refresh cycles
  2. Removed barriers for innovation – encouraging experimentation and enabling a ‘fail fast, fail safe’ approach to disruptive innovation from inside the enterprise
  3. Reinvention of IT – moving to cloud is the catalyst that unravels legacy IT practices, forcing re-invention and transformation to a faster and more adaptive IT operating model.

Why us?

Our cloud migration services are delivered by teams of accredited industry-leading engineers who have gained practical, real-world experience working on large and complex migrations.

They’re skilled in building modern cloud infrastructure, creating everything-as-code and applying our operability-by-design principles.

If you’d like to find out how we can help unlock value from your cloud migration, please get in touch. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.

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