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As a next-gen digital business with hands-on experience, we can help you combine the power of people, process and technology to deliver high performance IT with speed, stability and scale.

We can build modern cloud platforms and operations, accelerate DevOps transformations, and upskill your teams to create empowered digital practitioners and leaders in the age of disruption.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of DevOps, we unlock growth by driving innovation, accelerating speed-to-market and increasing customer relevance for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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Why Us?

At DevOpsGroup, we’ve worked with more than 80 clients across a range of markets and sectors, including household names such as Admiral, Vodafone, BAE Systems, the DVLA, and Waitrose.

We’ve helped them to innovate at speed, empower digital transformation leaders, unlock business agility and increase revenue. What’s more, we’ve forged close partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and AWS – giving you access to the latest technology and tools to stay ahead of the curve.

Cited in research by the likes of Forrester and Gartner, our consultants are regarded as thought leaders in the DevOps space and will work with you to enable change in your organisation.

Our Partners
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Our Services

DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

DevOps Transformation

Looking to take your digital transformation journey to the next level? We’ll help you build a high-performance IT capability. We view DevOps as the new model for high-performance IT.

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DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

Continuous Delivery

Software drives organisational success. We’ll help you make the most of continuous delivery pipelines and DevOps practices to accelerate developer productivity, speed and stability.

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DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

Cloud Migration

Accelerate your journey to the cloud using automation and everything-as-code to deliver security, stability and cost optimisation.

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DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

Platform Engineering

Your cloud platform will be designed, planned and built by our team of industry-leading engineers. We’ll also migrate and modernise your workloads to give you security, operability and agility in the cloud.

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DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

Cloud Operations

Want to focus on delivering great products and software for your customers? We can help by taking care of your cloud operations. This gives you the freedom to Innovate rapidly.

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DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

Professional Education

Working with industry partners such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and the British Computer Society, we offer a diverse portfolio of training courses that perfectly align with our vision for high -performing IT.

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DevOpsGroup DevOps Services

Workforce Modernisation

To help eradicate the tech skills gap and ensure your organisation stays ahead of the curve, we can modernise your workforce using the latest cloud technologies and delivery practices.

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Benefits of our services

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We will cut through the hype and provide unambiguous guidance at every step of your transformation.

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Our experienced team – backed up by patterns practices and playbooks – deliver value faster.

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We can manage organisational change and introduce new ways of working into your teams.

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Advocating DevOps as a holistic way of working, we’ll help you maximise your innovation potential.

Want to see who else we work with? Visit our Clients page.

Experienced Practitioners

With a thorough understanding of the latest DevOps, Agile, Lean and cloud practices and tools, our experienced practitioners will take your digital transformation journey to the next level. They spend every day working on groundbreaking DevOps projects for some of the UK’s leading enterprise organisations.

Meet The Team
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Case Studies

We provide practical and tangible solutions that deliver rapid and significant value. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with more than 80 organisations – including household names like Admiral, Vodafone, BAE Systems, the DVLA and Waitrose. Check out our case studies section to find out how we’ve helped them.

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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service from the very first contact.

Strong client relationships are key to our business success. We know this can only be achieved by great communication and offering the best expert support.

If you’d like to know more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals, our team are here to help – click the link and we’ll be in touch!

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