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Supercharge your Cloud migration with DevOps

How to supercharge your Cloud migration with DevOps

Many organisations moving to the cloud cite digital transformation as one of their core drivers. But simply replicating existing assets and applications in the new environment isn’t going to deliver good results.

IT leaders have started to recognise that simply moving to cloud is not enough. There’s now solid evidence that the way you recreate your infrastructure in the cloud matters. We can see a clear predictive link between practices like infrastructure as code and organisational growth, profitability and market share.

Moving to the cloud presents an opportunity to improve how things are built and done. It’s about being ambitious and tenacious, while accepting that there will be challenges. And, most importantly, it’s a chance to modernise systems, maximising the agility and customer-centricity that are so essential for organisations of all sectors and sizes in the digital age.

However, technical changes don’t happen in isolation. Modernisation also impacts wider, more complex organisational matters, such as structure, budgeting and governance. If you want to achieve more, you need to strike a balance between ambition and pragmatism. It’s impossible to improve everything at once, but if you’re planning to embark on large-scale cloud migration, this paper will help you rationalise the options and make every step count.

The cloud has much to offer. But simply relocating your infrastructure won’t magically transform your business. Unlocking the benefits takes time, resilience and resourcefulness. Acknowledge that you can’t do everything at once, then figure out how to get your applications to the cloud in formats that are conducive to ongoing modernisation.

Don’t get left behind. To survive and thrive in this digitally disrupted world, you need to get serious about modernisation. Learn more by downloading our whitepaper.


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