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Adaptive IT™ Framework: Ways of Working - Delivering value, fast

This Adaptive ITTM Framework whitepaper looks at how to join up systems thinking, Lean and Agile for intuitive, value-driven software development.

Working faster and more effectively

In a world where customer needs can turn on a sixpence, the ability to respond at speed is critical. But that’s easier said than done for many large, conventional enterprises. Lengthy decision making processes, poor visibility of work and a lack of cohesion between teams can make it hard to coordinate and implement change.  

This whitepaper shows how you can turn the situation around. Embracing, and extending, key elements of systems thinking, Lean and Agile can unlock better ways of working that are well-suited to the demands of the digital economy. We explore each of these methodologies in detail, considering how they can help organisations deliver tangible customer value in a fast and effective way.  

Download Ways of working: delivering value, fast to find out more.


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