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Hear from our team of DevOps, Cloud and Agile experts as they share their stories of helping enterprise organisations build high performing IT capabilities. These papers are aimed at anyone who wants to unlock revenue through high performing IT capabilities.

Our Whitepapers

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Adaptive IT™ Framework: Ways of Working – Delivering value, fast
1 October 2020

This Adaptive ITTM Framework whitepaper looks at how to join up systems thinking, Lean and Agile for intuitive, value-driven software development.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Adaptive IT™ Framework: Culture – make people your competitive edge
8 July 2020

An Adaptive IT™ Framework whitepaper guiding the cultural aspects of digital transformation.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Adaptive IT™ Framework: Organisation – From Project to Product
8 April 2020

An Adaptive ITTM Framework whitepaper guiding the organisational response to digital disruption.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Adaptive IT™ Framework: Strategy – Working backwards from the customer
27 February 2020

Learn how with our Strategy whitepaper, part of the Adaptive ITTM Framework series

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Modernise Your Workforce
10 February 2020

Making your people a positive force for change.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Digital Transformation Done Right – Adaptive IT™
31 January 2020

Our Adaptive ITTM Framework helps drive meaningful and focused digital transformation and DevOps adoption.

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Digital Transformation in Insurance
30 May 2019

Will The Digital Transformation in Insurance Happen Fast Enough?

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Supercharge your Cloud migration with DevOps
27 February 2019

How to supercharge your Cloud migration with DevOps

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
The hidden cost of outsourcing IT
1 November 2018

Is the hidden cost of outsourcing IT limiting your organisational performance?

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Accelerating growth with Cloud and DevOps
28 August 2018

Can Cloud and DevOps adoption accelerate growth?

DevOpsGroup Whitepaper
Digital Transformation and DevOps
4 October 2016

How to unlock the value from Digital Transformation and DevOps