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Microsoft Ignite London 2020: Migrating a monolithic TFS source control repository to 668 Git repos

Git is the obvious source control choice for new projects but where does that leave your existing applications?

DevOpsGroup Presentation Microsoft Ignite London 2020: Migrating a monolithic TFS source control repository to 668 Git repos

Migrating from VSTS to Git without slowing down.

Git has become the de facto standard for source control, but many organisations have large amounts of code in Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). If your team wants to adopt git for an existing code base how can you get started?

This presentation explores how you can get started with adopting git for an existing code base, what the potential pitfalls could be and how you can validate the migration has been successful.

Steve Thair, Microsoft Regional Director and CPO of DevOpsGroup gave this presentation at Microsoft Ignite London 2020. The presentation walks through how DevOpsGroup migrated a 10year old repository to Git. He talks about what problems were encountered and how the team made sure that the developers could start working in the new repositories with minimum disruption.

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