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DevOps & Cloud Diagrams

Browse our library of imaginative and informative DevOps & Cloud diagrams that you can use to spice up your presentations, business cases and documents.

Key DevOps & Cloud concepts, explained via visual storytelling

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. When it comes to learning or explaining key DevOps and Cloud concepts the right visual aids can really help. DevOpsGroup has developed its own unique visual storytelling style to help our customers understand DevOps & the Cloud. Our diagrams library can be used as both a teaching aid – to spice up your presentations – or as a learning aid to help you understand complex concepts in simple, clear visual form.

Whether you want to learn about a CI/CD pipeline, organisational change behaviour or a complete end-to-end IT Transformation framework aka AdaptiveIT(TM); framework, our diagram library has what you need.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
The Monitoring Pyramid

At DevOpsGroup, our monitoring philosophy is simple - if your customers know about an issue before you do, you’ve failed.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
The Testing Pyramid
Test Automation Strategy

An effective test automation strategy is a key to delivering releases into Production quickly AND safely. Without it, you risk deploying buggy code.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
Agile Team Decision Making Flow

A flow diagram to help empowered team members with decision making regarding picking up new work. The diagram will help teams keep focus towards their collaborative goal.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
The T-Shaped Person

T-Shaped People have deep expertise in a specialist field, coupled with a broad skillset, which allows them to work and collaborate outside their area of expertise.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
Tuckman’s Model

Tuckman’s model of group development suggests that teams pass through multiple stages; Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing, along the way to achieving true potential.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
Transformational Leadership Model

Leadership is a critical part of a successful DevOps Transformation. But what does Transformational Leadership entail?

DevOpsGroup Diagram
DevOps Platform Teams

For organisations that want to move with speed & agility combining product teams with self-service platforms & modern operations could be the key to unlocking innovation.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change
DevOps Transformation

When embarking on a DevOps Transformation it’s common to encounter resistance to change. The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) offers some useful guidance on how to influence people to change. ​

DevOpsGroup Diagram
CALMS Model of DevOps

CALMS is an acronym for Culture-Automation-Lean-Measurement-Sharing and is a foundational model for DevOps. CALMS is a useful starting point to understand DevOps.

DevOpsGroup Diagram
Cloud Migration Pathways
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Pathways diagram shows 3 common pathways to the cloud – lift&shift, evolve and “Go Native” (rebuild).

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