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Professional Education Datasheet

Enhance Agile and DevOps capabilities with certified training from real-world practitioners.

Digital Skills, Sorted.

In the digital economy, opportunities and threats are continually evolving. To keep pace with change, every business needs to exploit technology. And the prevailing ‘adapt or die’ mindset is prompting many organisations to embrace Agile and DevOps ways of working.

But a lot of this transformational activity is built on shaky foundations. People have conflicting ideas about the fundamental principles of Agile and DevOps. And few IT teams hold the required depth and breadth of practical skills to consistently strike an effective balance between stability and innovation.

So, how do you plug the digital skills gap? Training is the obvious route, but it’s not always easy to determine the best option. Many providers weight their courses towards DevOps and Agile theory, rather than balancing this with real examples from people with hands-on experience. What’s needed is certification combined with practical learnings that can be applied and developed in the workplace.

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